The Shafik's Weekend Shabu-shabu Cyberjaya

Hello2! The Shafik's *mainly me and my siblings* went out for lunch for the weekend. It has been such a long time since we were able to get together and makan2. I suggested Volcano Shabu Shabu in Shaftsburry because it is first and foremost Halal and secondly, we could take our own sweet time boiling our food. Haha! 

Since, my sis is a chicken-terian *no red meat* we ordered the Chicken Combo with additional white rice.. Yummeh... Price rice is also considerably cheap as we could eat a whole bunch without burning a hole in our pockets.. the Combo is about RM 69.90.

La Madame is placing out orders

La dotter couldn't stand the smell of the hot boiling tomyum soup. Sheesh!

I seriously do not what the story behind this pic

Still busy..

Ok for those of you that would like to know yours truly.. ehem2..
I'm the big sis of 4, then comes Hana @ the auditor.. She will audit your spending like nobody business... 
Hakim the 3rd *with the cap* which currently doing eeeermmm nothing *of rite now*
and Hazim *the one closest to Farissa* he is the baby brother, currently staying with me..
my free babysitter.. muahaha!

Nope.. thats not the whole set..

Yes.. this is all of it.. I told you its a lot!

Me and my familia.. Having a blast!

Advert here... for Shabu2.. have a try peeps.. they open during the weekend too!


lia ummiirfan said…
wahh.. sedapnya .. tak penah lagi sampai sini.. boleh try satu hari nanti :))
dorsett pink said…
TAk tahu pulak kat cyberjaya ni ade shabu shabu.. selalu gak gi makan kat cyberjaya tapi tak penah jumpa kedai ni.. tq sebab share k, lepas ni boleh la saya ke sini =))