Congrats Mr. Bob for Winning!

This entry is specially dedicated to Mr. Bob for his team awarded with the TM's BIG Award. He is proud for this achievement and in a quiet way I am too! I know that this is not a one man show, but being in a team that wins really feels good right? Anyway, congrats dear.. hehehe.. Oh yes, including your whole team of course!

So, that night I was invited as a subsidiary staff to attend the event. Even though, I am here for nearly 8 years I never once attended. This time I decided to make time and experience the night myself *additional fact: I really wanted to see Mr. Bob up on stage :p eekekeke..

May I just say, the set up of the hall was fantastic!
All of the teams are energize throughout the event.
We are here to enjoy the show. What a buzz!

While back home.....
 hired so me cool free babysitters to watch the kiddos
Hehehe... Farissa and Ruzain looks like they weren't missing us at all!


Iela Fazielah said…
congrates to mr. bob n his team!
Nuha Ariana said…
Wow..congrates mr bob...