Delicious Colours and Birthdays Cakes!

I've been busy busy busy. So busy that it has been super exhausting. Sobs. What's been going on? Well a lot. Office work, vacation planning, birthday planning, yup a lot of planning. This year our family is going to be celebrating all March babies in a big way. My aunt in Shah Alam has rented and catered a hall just for this. We were asked to bring our own cake *which seems extremely fair since we do not to spend on anything else* Yippie? haha.

The theme is orange, which I thought hey.. extremely delicious colour for a birthday. Whoop2! So, here are just some of my ideas for the 'shafik's family birthday cake'..

Ruffled.. roses.. pearls and ribbon on top..

Or.. more fondant like this.. with nice message on top... LOVE..

Blue and orange works well together don't you think..
Anyways, last weekend I decided to go for curtain hunting for Farissa's class. Here's what I am thinking, something bright, eye popping, delicious bright colours. The walls will be painted with lime green and I though hey something red with polka would be exiting.. Voila..

But, most of the mommies in Farissa's class watsapp group.. seems to like a much softer colour. So, heck.. majority wins ok. :)

Love this colours... I could just imagine a fun classroom!

Well... they wanted to go with this green and blue... Sir!! I want this want please..


dorsett pink said…
Mesti super grand birthday party nanti ni