Catching up Night at the Museum and Brunching at O'Briens

Last weekend, we spend some family quality time at One Utama. Basically, Mr. Bob will be stationed at Kelantan for a while and I wanted some good bonding time for him and the kids. So, we decided to go for a movie *since, the vomiting incident we never went*. The only watchable movie was Night at the Museum and all of us thought it is one amusing story. Ruzain slept most of the part but when he woke up, he enjoyed the movie as well.

I seriously did not want to have another breakfast at the mamaks so we went straight to OU and had our brunch there. :) 

Doggy bag for our extras

Ruzain also had some fabtabulous time!


dorsett pink said…
O'Briens, my favourite sandwic station.. but hardly to get it unless if I'm going to OU