Well Done Sissy.

It was a proud moment for us mama and papa when kakak received an invitation letter to attend the "Hari Kecemerlangan 2016". So happy that we bought a simple gift to commemorate the day. The gift was a simple purple SMASH watch. 

This was her first attendance of such event and she was super exited *and so were we*. Since we are quite early, we sat on the 5th row in the parents area. I had purchased some bread and drinks the day before as it was expected that we had to skip breakfast *usually we are late getting ready*. We ate our breakfast in our own seats for fear that other parents will snatch ours. Haha!

Farissa and her classmate

This was us all gushed up

Kakak and her trophy

There she is.. our pride and joy! Congratulations again love.


dorsett pink said…
tahniah kakak. kakak pandai. nanti membesar menjadi anak solehah k.