Day 23 Renovation Progress Can't Be Glamorous Than This!

I received a call from Legolas saying that we are short of 9 pieces of tiles for the powder room "Akak.... tiles tak cukup arrr.." *yes Legolas sounded like that in my ear.. haha! I did some pestering to Mr. Bob (as usual he was super bz) to get the tiles that night. We were like maniac scouting for the remaining tiles.

That very evening we went to HomePro once again, praying and hoping that there are more tiles available for us to purchase (or else we had to buy it at White Horse which we probably cost us 3 times more.. *cry*). We went to the display tiles and there were only 3 pieces!! I started to freak out.. curses under my breath.. fumbling across the tile section searching for some personnel to help us out. Mr. Bob was able to talk to one of them and easily enough he told us that there is no more left!! Out of Stock!!! Without even looking.

I was definitely not impressed. Not impressed at all. Without Mr. Bob and neglecting the kids while they are pushing and playing with one of those empty trolleys. I dashed towards their stock pile boxes of tiles.. one after one reading their tile codes. I was on a mission you guys!!!

Finally after long hours of searching *exaggerated here* there it was!! The last 2 boxes *queue angelic sound effect*... Yessssss... With annoyance (towards both Mr. Bob and the HomePro guy), I pointed right to the boxes. GET THEM DOWN HERE!! Hahaha.. No lah... I ask very nicely for them to give me my tiles and paid for them gracefully. The end.

How is my story? Now, I leave you guys with my blinging glamorous tiles!