Cheesecake Factory @ Shanghai Disneytown

That night, I've insisted for the family to eat out. Everyone was tired from the first day of visiting the park. Plus, it was quite cold outside with the rain. I thought it would be nice to treat the family at a highly recommended restaurant which was the Cheese Cake Factory. We took the shuttle once again towards Disneytown. Farissa was nagging as she was feeling too cold and I had to snap at her. :(

Anyway, everything turn to the better when we sat in the warm and cosy restaurant. The waitress told us that the portion of food was quite big and she was right. The kids had cream carbonara and we had a platter of fried prawn which was quite delicious. We were serve a warm loaf of honey toast for appetiser and the children swallowed it in one fast go! Haha!

Bread and butter was nice for starters

I had hot English Tea

Fried prawn for mom and dad

Smiling as tummy were filled.. kids also had apple juice

Sitting up cosy together

Assortment of cakes..
After dinner we walked back towards the shuttle stop but first take a stop at the lego store. Everything was expensive, so we didn't buy anything. Just took a few nice pictures of the lego characters. The warmth of the store was also quite inviting.

Ironman, Thor and Captain America.. I didn't know Cap could fly.. Hehe

Snow white with her forest friends

A dragon...

and a sifu master.. oh yes.. we did buy some bread for breakfast at the bread story shop.