Day 14 Renovation Progress - Like a Dive picking up Tiles!

Who is like a Diva? Me or Mr. Bob? Hahahaha...

It's day 14 you guys, the developer contractor is still in a rush to complete the defects work which the deadline is set by the 18th. Not sure if they could make it.. but they better do. Will do a spot check this afternoon if time permits it. Anyway, our own contractor (yup, we finally chose one) will start work the day after. Yahooo! Sorry guys, will share more of the pictures inside of the house with you soon ok.

We promised our contractor (let's call him Legolas) *no, he does not look like Legolas at all.. We promised Legolas that we will make sure to get all tiles, paint, lights and fan ready for installation. I somehow feel like it's a race to the finish line. On you mark, get set, go!!! We truly need to all done soon as we are in a very tight deadline to move. Legolas agreed with our timeline and we are off to a good start.

Previous Homedec, I've made a small deposit to Terracota Tiles Centre in Glenmarie Shah Alam. Visit their FB here. This deposit will enable us to purchase our chosen tiles with promo prices (mark down up to 30%). For me personally it was a good bargain. The only mistake was, bringing the children with us to buy the tiles. Man, they are really whiny.

While Mr. Bob played decoy to distract the children, I quickly rush and pulled a few samples, which I thought will look good in our kitchen. We chose the blue theme just because the dining will be somewhat blue too, so it will be good for the overall concept. Then, I leave the final choice up to Mr. Bob and what he think its best. (Men like the decision making part) Haha!

Oh yes, when you choose tiles for the kitchen, make sure that you could easily wipe off any stain (oil/chilli) that will splash all over them. Terracota do offers many interesting patterns so if you want to set your tone different than anyone else this would be the place to go. Also, find the right person to do the tiles installation or you'll end up with funky arrangements.

Price wise? You could check out their website or.. I will share mine here (before discount ya). Dilemma which one to choose!!! Which one would you think is best?

Right: RM20 per square feet / Left: RM 16 per tile (4 tiles per set) makes them RM 64 per square feet

Love these patterns!!! But they no longer run this set *sobssss*

RM 27 per square feet