Shanghai Disneyland (Part 2)

Folks.. on the 2nd day of our visit to Shanghai Disneyland, we were very determined to watch at least one of the shows and fireworks display. Farissa was also quite determined to complete her Disney Passport so that she could receive a token of appreciation from Shanghai Disney. We set off early to the park and decided to try out the ferry ride. I could still remember the cool wind blowing in our faces that morning.  The ferry ride took us only a couple of minutes before crossing the lake towards Disneyland!

*Note: Disney passport is a small booklet with many interesting info of Shanghai Disneyland. You will need to find 12 kiosk around the park to receive the special stamp based on the clues given. Once you complete the hunt, you will be receiving one special stamp and one souvenir. Plus, the book will also be some sort of a souvenir for your visit :)

Ruzain got some nasty sun burn on his cheeks but all is well

Beneath the Christmas tree sculptures

On the ferry

Hey I can see the castle from here!

Mom this magical kiosk is not working!
I think the first ride we were rushing to is still Soaring Over the Horizon as Mr. Bob and Ruzain has yet to experience this ride. So, after the ride we saw Nick from Zootopia, yesterday it was Judy Hops. The kids were very excited to meet the guy.

Zootopia truly left a huge impression with the kids

As it was only 1 month before Christmas, there were a lot of the festive decorations

Ok last picture before moving on!
Farissa thought it was a cool idea to take a photo with her Chinese Zodiac animal which is the Boar. In Disney case, it was Hamm.... Mr. Pork Chops himself!

Hi Hamm!!

12 Friends!
Since, we have yet to visit the ever famous castle, we made a point to do so that day. It was definitely magnificent by all means. The details were impeccable and we were definitely in love. You could also have a meet and greet with the Princesses here. However, because of the ridiculously long line, I told Farissa we have to skip it. Anyway, she have met with all of the original princesses in other Disney. Thank God she was ok with it.

Farissa at the fairytale castle


Merida of Brave

The famous sisters.. Anna and Elsa with Kristoff
We also took the liberty of waiting for the first show of the day. We waited 30 mins before show time, just to ensure that we have the best seats and yes we did. We were right front and centre. Unfortunately, the kids almost throw themselves into a messy tantrum, and the shows finally started which calm them down. Pheeeew.. disastrous!!

Opening dance

Snow white and her dwarves... trees and birds

Elsa.. singing Let it Go!

Aladdin and Princess Jasmine giving their all

Ariel... Under the Sea..

Ride the horse through the forest! Merida on her horse of steel?
Gosh, immediately after the performance, the kids dragged us up into the castle. Inside the castle, you will  walk through a tour of the Snow White story. It was in Mandarin of course, it was slightly interactive. I personally found this tour slightly boring and as I am not sure what to actually do during the course of the tour. Other patrons were quite thoughtful and let the children go upfront and the kids doesn't actually mind it. However, be aware if you have mobility problem, there were a lot of stairs to climb up.

Excited face of Little Ruzain

Aaaaah someone is actually sleepy by now
Now for food, we walk towards the Tangled Tree Tavern to have their fish and chips. However, on the day we went, it was closed. So, we had to settled for Pinocchio Village Kitchen. Mr. Bob and I had the seafood lasagna while the children had prawn and egg with rice. It was bland actually. Price wise, here the meal cost slightly lower than the Barbosa Bounty Restaurant.

Children with their lunch

It was very bland... but we had no choice.. boooo
After our meal, we met with our old nemesis.. Captain James Hook. However, in this case he was pretty nice with the children. Haha! Not at all like the classic Peter Pan Adventures. We took a couple of photos and went on the Peter Pan ride (which previously we had missed in Tokyo). It was definitely fun, but to short.

Captain Hook with kiddos!

Line up kids.. off to Neverland!

Papa give us a solid PEACE YO!
Farissa while hunting for stamps, had to go in to the Alice in Wonderland maze. So, off we went!! You will definitely not get lost in the maze. However, it was advisable for children to explore the maze with parents.

Children under the age of 7 must be accompanied by a person of 16 years or older

Alice in Wonderland Maze

Some clues of the maze

Funny characters

Off with their heads!!

Mad Hatter's hat

Would you like some jelly?

Cakes anyone?

Just love this scenery of Disney

Huge Christmas tree!!

Finally her completion badge!! Congrats sissy!
Before the fireworks show, we made a stop at the waffle shop. I am not sure what were we thinking at that moment but we ate waffles with ice creams. Brain freeze!! It was freezing cold and the ice cream just make us colder. Hahaha! But the warm waffles was truly inviting.

Finally, the big event was the fireworks display. We waited in the dark cold weather, for a good 40 mins before the show starts. It was truly magnificent and spectacular. Seriously, if you get the chance... DON'T missed it.

Waffles... hot and yummy..

Can I eat now mummy?


Colorful display

So breathtakingly amazing!

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