Character Dining @Lumiere Kitchen and Toy Story Hotel Shanghai

As the title suggest, the last day we spend in Shanghai Disneyland Resort, Mr. Bob and I decided to treat the children to a character dining experience. We had nothing installed for us that morning, so we woke up slightly later than previous days. I have planned to have a mini photoshoot series for Farissa as a Princess (this was a tradition) around the hotel premise. 

So off we went to Lumiere Kitchen! We were greeted by friendly staff and seated somewhere near the windows oversee the hotel's garden. While Mr. Bob entertain the children (and the characters) I took the chance wondering off to look into the restaurant's buffet spread. It offers a variety of western and asian breakfast, including a special spread for vegetarian which both Mr. Bob and myself took advantage off.

All I could say is that the vegetarian fried rice and the fried lettuce with mushrooms were super delicious. The kids had the usual breakfast of pancakes, waffles and cereal with nothing else. The characters (Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Pluto) were super attentive to the children. They interact and take their time acting out different poses each time. Ruzain were exited and keen meeting all of the characters, he also took me by surprise when we told me that Mickey wore a different outfit than the first day we met him. That just shows he remembers well of these characters.. and mommy better not tell white lies.. Haha! 

Farissa and Goofy

Little Ms. Cinderella

Blow us a kiss!

Yummy simple breakfast for kiddos

Prim and proper princess

Is this a peace gesture?

Ruzain loves Pluto most!

Nose rub...

Hey it's Mickey!

... and Minnie Mouse

Please forgive me.. this is Mr. Bob's idea of a good photo..

2nd round of photo op!

jeeez... another hug!! A lot of hugs this morning

Mrs. Pots from Beauty and the Beast

Dessert.. bread and sweets..

Doughnut.. Yummm..

After breakfast, its photoshoot time. Mommy will not let the Cinderella goes to waste. We took a loooooot of pictures. Mostly it's outside in the garden area. It is quite a windy morning, but Farissa seemed to be in a very good mood and didn't mind the cool breeze.

Posing in front of Bell and the Beast portrait.

Smile.. there is a beatiful castle behind you.

The hotel just at the back

Mr. Bob and Ruzain in the Hakuna Matata garden area

Pumba and Timon rolling about

Why is Rafiki meditating here?

Cinderella pushing through the cold

Nice right?
After we checked out from the hotel, we jumped on the shuttle and visited Toy Story Hotel. We were curious about this new colourful hotel. Very glad we came as Woody and Jesse were there. Yaaahoooooo! We took the opportunity to wonder around the hotel, takes plenty of pictures for memories and finally, had snacks at the Sunny Side Up Cafe. Here you could try the prawn and crab wanton. We just sat at the cafe eating chips and resting up before needing to go to the airport and finally back to Malaysia. :)

Woody and Jesse with the kids

Woody and Bullseye!

OOooooo Little green martian

Huge 3D painting of Buzz Lightyear

The Toy Story geng

Mr Buzz Lightyear

Eating cakes and seafood wanton.. before heading home

There you go..

Yeay we complete all the Shanghai episode!! Finally!!!

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