Renovation Progress: Day 7 Finding the Perfect Dining Set

Hola beautiful peeps.. It's been a week since we start our house renovation progress. What are we up to now? Well, we had our house testing (with the developer) scheduled this morning and according to Mr. Bob (I was not there) everything is a ok! However, I was slightly irritated by newly discovered additional defects that were added to our current 3 page list. Yup, 3 pages people!

The developer promised us that all works will be completed by 18 Jan 2017, I definitely hopes that's true becaaaAAAuusse, wet works start the day after. Jeng jeng jeng. Not gonna share more on the wet works.. maybe later once we had confirmed with the quotation. Anyway, today I would love to share with you guys on the process that we went through purchasing our dining set.

First thing first, we sold our previous dining set of 6 seaters through Alhamdullilah. It was the price that we had first decided but we wanted a fast sale. The buyer was an expat China man, and he was easy to deal with. Once that set was sold, we were off looking for our 'perfect' dining table set. We survey high and low, for marble and teak wood, and finally set our hearts and pockets for a teak wood table set.

These are the list of vendors that we had surveyed and review (my own personal opinion), none of which that I know truly of the quality except for the review given by other buyers.

Laurea Furnishing
Furniture looks super exclusive but the price is quite high. For chesterfield sofa 8ft 3 seater is RM3800. However, if you have the budget why not?

Bardeaux Meuble (FB)
Price is on the midrange side. Based on the photo shared the pieces looks nice and quite elegant as well. Basically, I won't mind purchasing from this place. For chesterfield sofa 8ft 3 seater is RM3150.

Jualan Perabot Baru dan Terpakai (FB)  
This seller has the best price in store. However, that was last year. Not sure about this year price increase. Based on the photo, the workmanship is on the average side but not bad. For chesterfield sofa 8ft 3 seater is RM2450

Wan Jati Furniture
Price is also on the high side but from the pictures the quality looks good.

Seriously people, you have to do your own additional survey, this was mine! In the end for my dining set, I've chosen Jualan Perabot Baru dan Terpakai as they are offering such a good price for their 8 seater dining set.
I didn't like the fabric that they are offering so I scouted at Laurea Furnishing for the fabric that I wanted. You'll just have to wait and see. :)

*Disclaimer: All the pictures below are not mine, I've googled it somewhere but it is the source of my inspiration*