Day 10 Renovation Progress: Courtyards and Walls

I am not sure having an internal courtyard in Malaysia is a blessing or a curse. Unlike certain countries somewhere out in the world where you can enjoy cool breeze during tea time, this country will leave you hot/sticky/totally wet. Most people that I know and read about in Malaysia will choose to cover up their courtyard or to break it down entirely.

For our new house, we have a moderate size courtyard 8ft by 12ft. Since, we have such limited budget to spend in for the space, we finally opt for:

1. Covering the space up but not totally concealing the space - by constructing roofing skylight ( Unfortunately for our case, we initially plan for the vendor to provide us with our sliding grille but the housing JMC decided we can't do that, so we end up with the roofing instead. RM 4600
2. Built in planter box - to showcase (hopefully) live and well plants - RM 1000
3. Paint the entire courtyard - I can't live with white walls - RM 900 (labour only)

Almost - RM 7K for the courtyard (not including plants/pots/external 10L paint)

Adding on to my headache, choosing the wall colours for the courtyard. Choosing a dark color will swallow the room whole, to light will end up reflecting fungals (maybe in a couple of years time) on the wall. You guys just have to wait and see the final outcome. Hopefully I could make up my mind by this weekend or I am so screwed!

*Note: All these images are NOT mine. I've googled them and they give  me inspiration to design my small courtyard

Love the light grey walls

Blue walls? and purple flowers...

Brownish greyish.. something2.. maybe..