Looking around IKEA again

Hahahaha! I had this post in draft way back in October 2016. So, since it has been a long time when we last visit IKEA, why not just share some of the inspiration. If I could recall correctly, both of the kids are at school while we did this survey, which was so great that we could take our own sweet time browsing the place.

So, let's start the tour!

I like the possibility of hanging clothes and shoes like these on the walls. It saves a lot of space especially if one is lacking of it. Just imaging having this solution to hang the children's school  uniforms. You could hang it at their height so that they could take it themselves if they need it.

IKEA series of kitchen cabinets seem to intrigue me in many ways. It looks solid and the design in very simple and clean. However, the thought of have measure and design it yourself (eve though there will be an IKEA personnel to assist you) is quite overwhelming. I would rather have someone elso to plan for me from A to Z.

For RM159 this would be an excellent shelf to display your  precious collection. However, if you have a much bigger budget for display cabinet, you could easily purchase one with a closed doors. So dust or little fingers could not reach over them. This white cabinet below, will cost you RM1690 or the green one below that for RM 590 *a definitely steal!*

We are also looking so great (but friendly to the wallet) TV console. We could afford that much as we did a lot of splurging on the construction works of our house. *NoooooooooOOooo* Now, we could also survey with limited budget at hand. Something small, simple to assemble and cheap. Did I mentioned easy to assemble? Hahaha.

Hmmm this look good with some LED ligths

This looks even better folks!

What about this one? Looks great on dark purple walls. :)
Now, what's left is just the kids furniture. Of course mommy and daddy items has to be first. Haha! We are planning *praying* to move Ruzain out from the master to his own room. Farissa moved out when she was about 4 yrs and now it's adik's turn. Sobs. Kids... mommy and daddy need some hubba hubba time! *Don't judge*. *Didn't want to sound so eager too* Hahahhaa.

Very cool looking study table for Ruzain

Nice cabinet for Kakak

Oh yes.. we purchased this already.. Thought the stripes will look good in adik's room.