Tokyo Disneysea (Part 1)

Gosh. I've been meaning to write about Disneysea for quite sometime now. Sorry, but have been very busy at the office with event stuffs. Anyway, I am going to share with you guys my experience with the choice of hotels, why I have chosen these hotels. I also going to share some tips that you could use while planning a day at Tokyo Disneysea.

Once we had confirmed our intention to visit Disneysea, I straight away googled for a nearby hotel *duh*, everyone will probably do that right? Then, I had to ensure that the hotels that I chose will provide transportation, better if it free *thumbs up*. Lo and behold, Grand Pacific Le Daiba is one of Disney's good neighbour hotel which means they provide free shuttle to Disney!! It's probably be a good idea to book the hotel trough its website a month before because the frequency is quite small in numbers. Got that!

Good Neighbour Hotel Shuttle
Aaarghhhh Disneyland Hotel!!!
The bus trip takes about 30mins from Odaiba. It will stop over Disneyland first then move to Disneysea next. There were THOUSANDS *ok exaggerating here* patrons that were walking towards both Disneyland and Disneysea *cried* When I first check the crowd calendar it was only highlighted as green but just as the announcement came up that Disneysea were having their Halloween special event on the 15 to 17 of September, the crowds numbers seemed to shoot up to red *almost full occupants*.

Special events means that everyone could dress up as a Disney character. During the normal days only children are allowed to do so.

Miracosta - The hotel within the park
We were prepared enough as tickets were purchased and printed before entering the park. We are not talking about Sunway Lagoon crowded, we're talking bout hundreds and hundreds of crazy Disney fans (including myself). However, all crowds were manage carefully and professionally by crew members, so organised that you could still be sane by the end of the day.

Crazy I know but you would be crazier standing in a 2 hours line for ride!
The first character we met in Disney that wasn't swamped down was none other than Gemini Cricket. Farissa took autograph with every Disney character she met. But bear in mind, none of it was easy.

Hello Gemini!

First decent family photo!! Talk about a fiery volcano as a background. Frickin' Amazing!

Our plan for today was to hit as many rides *with age restriction* after lunch since Nenma and Tok Ayah is there to babysit. But first we tried on the 20000 leagues under the sea. I promised you that the kids had such fun in the ride. I however was scared shit. I for one hated being under the sea *chronic fear of sharks* Haha!! Best tip that I have for you is to sit right up front the submarine. Amazing view guaranteed!!!

Detailed planning for the underwater adventure!

We savaged the vase during our expedition!!

Latest under the sea fashion!
Fun fact!! I just knew about the 20000 leagues under the sea was an actual movie! It was like really old.. even before my mom was born. :)

Dive crew only peeps *Queue suspense sound here*
Now, Vulcania was one unique restaurant that was built under a man made volcano. We couldn't eat here because of its famous pork dish *this restaurant serves Chinese Cuisines*.

Unique Entrance

Volcania Restaurant Tokyo Disneysea
We then set foot in Ariel Grotto's. This would be the kiddiest land you could get into the Disneysea. We thought of taking photo with Ariel, but with so many other Ariel wannabe *mostly the informal ones*, it was quite confusing. The place is fully air-condition, so if you do want to get shelter for the rain and wind, this would be it.

Farissa can't wait to set her foot in there

Hello King Triton!

We are actually swimming under the sea!!
We'd lined up for about half and hour and ultimately decided to skip the queue because everyone was tired and hungry. So, I told them about Sebastian Calypso Kitchen where this kitchen is free from pork. They sold fried seafood and the price was quite reasonable for us.

Clams as decoration

Under the sea wall mural

So many Ariel eating here with flounder!

Prawn burgers with fries
Seafood Pizza

Chocolate sponge cake with raspberry jam on the side

We're eating shells here

How about a whale as a souvenir shop?
After lunch we separated between my mom, dad, uncle and aunt (with the little ones). Myself, Mr. Bob and Mama Ngah went our own way to ride a few of the fast speed thrill rides. Upon reading many2 tips given by other reviewers, we decided to opt. for single riders. To skip crazy long queues and do the rides by yourself in between strangers. Let me just tell you this,  PLEASE USE THE SINGLE RIDER!! Why? Because they will sit you together with your party anyway. We rode in the Indiana Jones ride and we got to sit together! Then, we tried Raging Spirits, but this time we got in separately. But it's actually ok since you would probably skip hours of queuing. *BAM!!! Fantastic*

Attention to details

Aaargghh we were walking so fast it was difficult to capture more interesting photos

Magic mirrors.. *muahahha*

Queuing for ice creams

Crush iced *crunchy cool ice* and frozen mango

Literally, a frozen mango!!

Ice crunching face with the Ranging Spirit Coaster ride behind us
Since we are able to skip queues up to speed, we got some time going around Arabian Coast and tried two more rides, which was the  Adventures of Sinbad and Magic Lamp Theatre. Love the first one but wasted time with the second. It was a full Japanese magic show and you wouldn't understand a thing unless you spoke Japanese. Mama Ngah even had a couple of minutes nap inside the theatre. Haha!!

Aaaaaah the only shot with Mr. Bob.. oh yes with Princess Jasmine pet tiger

Storybook Voyage

The map of Sinbad's Journey

Sindbad's hometown?

Sinbad caught some crooks!

Release the Genie!

So much gold!

So many bananas!

A whale of adventure!! Hehe

And Sinbad arrives home safely.. The end

The Magic Lamp Theater

Tired Mama Ngah
Then we were re-united with the family back at Miracosta around 3.30pm. My parents *my dad especially* was really tired and decided to skip the free shuttle and grab a cab. If you want to know, a trip to Odaiba from Disneysea will roughly be about RM200. Well, 2nd part of this entry will come soon. :)