Miracosta Hotel and S.S. Columbia Priority Seating Tokyo Disneysea (Part2)

If you continuing Part 2 of my entry, you are most probably a Disney fan or planning to visit Tokyo Disneysea soon. :) *high 5!* Let me just say that this park is one of the most breath taking park that you will ever visiting ever!!

I had personally made an executive decision to stay in one of the most beautiful (& deadly expensive hotels) that I had ever dream visited, JUST BECAUSE.. I've wanted the once in a lifetime Disney experience. Life is short, you got to do what you got to do.

Hotel Miracosta had just undergone their latest refurbishment and boy, what a treat! The decor are such spectacular in terms of design and detailing. Just outside our room window is the Mediterranean Harbour where The Villain Show is going on. I personally thought that the show was super awesome! The background music is up to beat and Mount Prometheus will blow up during the climax. Just Amazing.

We booked the Porto Paradiso Side room so that we could watch any shows at Mediterranean Harbor in the comfort of our own room. It was so worth it. However, booking the room was super difficult. You must totally plan 6 months before of your trip. So, once it is possible to book through the website (first day of the 6 month), I straight away place a booking. You may be surprise that the Porto Paradiso was fully book on that day. I was quite shock but patient enough to check every single day after, until at last a room becomes available and I straightaway book it. Don't worry because payments come after stay. ;) After the bill comes, only then be very worry. Haha!!

Book it here. Price is here.

Love the deep green colour

The villains is coming!

So many Disney Villains around!

The kids watching the show from the balcony

Aaaahhh it's cozy up here

Almost full view of the room

Comfortable bed.. Cozy and warm

Hey everyone is here!

Mr. Photographer and baby boo

The vanity

Mickey is spying on you!

These are all up for grabs

Deep bathtub.. Nice to relax after such long day!

I miss you intelligent toilet. Please come to Malaysia soon.

All slippers are mine!

Hello Ursula!
After the show, we each took a soothing hot bath and get ready for our next priority seating. In addition to the Happy 15 (where you could enter the park 15 mins earlier than the opening time), you are also allowed to make reservation (Priority Seating) though the website. You need to sign up and you could easily arrange your Travel case. Meaning you could choose your appointment time at the Restaurant you desire. Tonight, we 'd be dining in S.S. Columbia Restaurant. A fine dining restaurant that I don't actually recommend for you to bring your kids, like I did. Big mistake!

Sight seeing around Disneysea at night

Aaaaargghhh more villains!

Liberty Fish Market - No fish yet!!

Mickey Mouse and Lumiere!

We reach the restaurant just in time to catch our dinner. Mr. Bob was having a rough time. He had some stomach issues. So, we dash from the toilet to the restaurant and arrive 5 mins after our appointment time but the receptionist graciously ask us to wait for our table. Phew!

Beautiful mural at the entrance

Waiting area
Now comes the hard part, managing small kids in a fine dining restaurant. There are tall glasses, heavy cutlery, and many2 pairs of judgmental eyes. *sweating*

Look at me now, so proper and poised. Wait til 5 mins later.

This is our appetizer. Sincerely good but such small portion if you ask me.

Corn soup

The children mostly eat this (bread and butter)

Like I said, bread and butter only.

This is the Grilled swordfish! Wonderful.

Lobster tail and pasta *a must try*

Started to whine.

Quickly order out desert. Do you see the technique of managing the kids here?

Mom and dad tried out the samplers.

Hey a face on my plate!

We end up our dinner for about 1 hour before the park closes. Let's walk some more!

Bye bye S.S. Columbia Dining Room

Tower of Terror (Night time)
We had only some time to explore and end up in Carnival Corral in Front of Toy Story Mania. :) The lights are glittering fun as we walk closer to the arcade.

Who can run fastest!

Turn the wagon to animate the Toy Story characters

Look at my figure now!! Hahaha!! So slim.. so gorgeous! *giggle*