Moving, moving, moving, clutter!

Salam fellow readers!

It's almost time for us to move. I know.. Sobs.. To open up to a new chapter in our life. Our house will finally be handed over to the rightful buyer by the mid of November. Too sad really. Ruzain grew up in this house and it was our very first property.

We are in the midst of categorizing our stuffs (piled up of memories and clutter) which most will be handed over to charity. Moving is a crappy process and a tired one in fact. The thought of moving in the upcoming year brought stressed tears to my eyes. Our new house is in development and I am hoping it will last for about 2 years tops. The next time around I will definitely hire some ID of sort that will do the measuring, drilling, sewing, all for me. No more d.i.y., thats for sure.

Farissa's old bicycle

Alrite adek.. next stop the bicycle shop for you!!