Moving Preparation! Box oh box!

Hi guys!

We are moving soon. Sad I know. Our house was sold to a very nice couple and it's going to be official 2 months from now. Mr. Bob is currently away in London and I am left with 2 kids and plenty of boxes to pack! We've been living in the house for 5 years and it has been Ruzain's first home. As sad as it maybe, life moves on and insyallah moving towards a better life.

Since, our new home has yet to be completed *still a long way to go*, we had to rent for a while. We chose somewhere real close to our current house because our beloved nanny is here and I am really comfortable with this area. I tried to scour for empty boxes to no avail, Shell, Petronas, Speedmart you name it! In the end after surveying around boxman seems to be offering the cheapest solution for boxes. Believe me, I looked. :)

We had started packing somewhat 20%  of items in the boxes but there is roughly 80% more to go!!

So guys, wish me luck ok.

Emtying the entertainment and reading room for the kids

Yup, its empty. So sad.

Living room check!!


dorsett pink said…
pengalaman saya pindah-randah umah , memang susah sangat nak cari kotak.. n I can feel u.. good luck ait, selamat berkemas
Iela Fazielah said…
alahai...hilang jiran ke2 g ila kenal...after 5years.... xpe..moving out ke better home yg lebih selesa... ila ingatkan uolls tmbah rmh.....