Fishee Coffee Time Kids!

Hey kids! Its Fishee Coffee time!! "YEaaaaaaYYYY!!"

Off and on special mornings, I will treat the kids to Fishee Coffee near Bukit Jalil. The breakfast there is seriously super tasty and wholesome but a tad on the expensive side. I don't really think Malaysian care so much on the price as long as the place and food is good. Right?

Well, we usually go for a plate of french toast and waffle. But on that day, Mama Ngah decided to try out the Mushee Toasts (mushrooms) which is to die for *yuuuuums*. We end up with 2 plates of Mushee Toast and a plate of ice cream waffle. Both the kids also had their monthly intake of Babycino. What is Babycino? Well its some sort of milk lattee with chocolate on top!! *Lucky kids*

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Try it out and let me know what you think ok.

Heavenly breakfast!!

Look at that smile!  

Earl Grey tea and lavender on the side ;)

Love the art on each of the Babycino

Yup our wonderful Mushee Toast!