Tokyo Disneyland (Part 2) and the Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall

Our tummy are full and we are all set to explore the other half of Disneyland. Farissa and Ruzain were still in high spirits. I remembered well that it was continuously raining throughout the day. We hopped in and out of souvenirs shop to escape the rain but our socks and shoes were all soaked up.

If you are wondering, the kids are wearing wind breakers that was purchased in HnM Malaysia. Its a good bargain as you could get them at under RM80. Anyway, we were a bit sad that the Jungle Cruise were closed that day *maybe because of the rain/maintenance* that we went straight for the Lilo and Stitch Luau. We couldn't find Lilo but Stitch was amazing. :)

Typhoon Saloon
Lilo and Stitch Luau

The show was absolutely fantastic for little kids. Ruzain was stuck to his seat with his jaw wide open. The only thing was that we weren't allowed to take any photos during the show. The music was up beat and the animatronics spoke a loooot of Japanese.

Outside the theater

Stitch will jumped out of this huge bowl?

Birds all ready to sing!

See -  Jaw wide open! Hehehe...

Outside of the theater

Painless Dentist! Haha!

We strolled along Western Land and spotted the ever famous Curry Popcorn. Well, I'll be! Let's try erm Pops!! I'm westernlanding my slang to Mr. Bob. He got one for me. Awwww.. thank ya! The taste was similar to BBQ twisties but less spicy. I think for any Malaysian it would definitely fall under the not spicy category.

What are you posing as girl?

One Curry Popcorn coming up!

Pumpkin decorations around Disney to signify Halloween is here..

Trading post is here y'all

A good ol kiss for the good ol pumpkins
Country Bear Theater

By now, Ruzain was already asleep in his stroller. We decided to wait a while at the Country Bear Theater to catch the next show in 20 mins. We walk about and scrutinize each bear that will perform for us that afternoon. There are a lot of bears to remember. :)

This is Shaker

They had even visited the ice pole arctic!

My little green marshmallow asleep

Farissa's favorite was Ms. Trixie, big ol fat country bear! Haha!

This was my favorite Teddi Barra

Show hosts

Teddi will come down from the ceiling

Sammy and Henry rooms

Bubbles, Bunny and Bellah.. Super adorable young bears

More pumpkin!
Cinderella Fairy Tale Hall

Since Ruzain was sleeping, Mr. Bob asked me to accompany Farissa in Cinderella Fairy Tale Hall. You can't bring in a stroller and I don't think that Mr. Bob wanted to carry in Ruzain throughout the Hall, so they only waited outside. Hehe. We queue up for about 15 mins outside of the castle and wonder around the castle for about 15 mins. It is all Cinderella themed so if you are not a fan of Cinderella this may be slightly boring for ya.

Farissa thought it was brilliant and spent her time just admiring the displays.

Mr Bob and the sleeping little boy

Beautiful mural of Cinderella

Cinderella's Fairy Tale Hall
What can we see while queuing to get inside of the castle?

Nicely done! Detailing of the opposite building

Is that princess Aurora and Prince Philip?

Cinderella's mice and bird companion

Eager little girl

Wow.. the chandelier is huge!

We totally should get this for our house!

I really don't know what to add in right now. Haha!

I need to edit this to become a wallpaper

Cinderella dancing with her prince

Yup, I am repeating, this may be one of the longest queue we'd been on

Suit of armor... checked!

Cinderella story within the castle
There are many different concept and display of the Cinderella story. You can even find eerie sculptures of Cinderella.


Cinderella dancing

Now you don't see them!

Now you do!! Hello Gus gus!!

Trying out the glass slipper with a wet sock... checked!

Farissa insisted to take off her jacket for this photo. Talk about the importance of good image.

Mad Hatter's Cup

What can we actually say about this? We went round and round we go!!

Ruzain just woke up!

Spin the cup babies!!
It's a Small World Ride

There was literally no queue in the It's a Small World ride. 
The place was so huge in comparisons to Hong Kong Disneyland's. Although, there is no little Malaysian's animatronics here, we did enjoyed the slow ride through the tunnel *though at times I got spooked* :p Too many dancing dolls.

The song goes on and on.. It's a small world after all!

Pinocchio Ride

Yerp, I hated the Pinocchio ride. It does nothing for me nor my kids. They never watched Pinocchio and going into the ride just reminds me the bad part of the story which was the Donkey island. Man, I wish that I had never stepped into this ride. :(

Some cowboys going into the ride

Please sit down people!!!

The kids with Pinocchio  as a fountain!

Coming into Toon Town!

Fireworks that does actually play the sound effect. Ruzain was frighten by the explosion. Haha!

Minnie Mouse House

Riding the Gadget's Go Coaster
We had our early dinner at the Queen of Heart's Banquet Hall which they serve buffet. There is quite a lot of choice for Muslim's such as the corn soup with bread, grilled swordfish, fish nuggets with vegetables. As a dessert you could try the Unbirthday Fruit Cake with Cream! Delicious! I will write a review for each of the Disneyland restaurant's soon. :)

Farissa with one of the guards!

huge key hole!

Walking towards the buffet
Astro Blasters

Our final ride was Astro Blasters! We would never missed it if we are at Disneyland. :) Ruzain likes all shooting rides and we make a point to ride on Astro Blasters each time we are in Disney *even when the queue is crazry*.

Giant walkie talkie when you are a living toy!!

Wondering how many time could he shoot Zurg?

Hello Japanese Buzz!

Shoot shoot!!
It is still raining by the end of the day. We are tired, freezing and cold. Insyallah, if there is a chance we will definitely visit Tokyo once again and Disneyland will be in our list.

Goodbye Tokyo Disneyland!! *No fireworks as the weather was bad* :(

Halloween 2015


Until my next post to Mount fuji!! 
Stay tune.