Tokyo Disneyland (Part 1), Disneyland Hotel and Blue Bayou Restaurant

We end the day quite early on the 2nd day of Disneysea. All of us were very tired and very wet! It rained well all afternoon and the wind blew hard so it was super cold. We walk to the Disney Resort line to get to Disneyland Hotel from Disneysea. This was new to us. Since, we already have free tickets while staying in Miracosta, we use that ticket to get around using the Disney Resort Line. Our luggage have been sent prior in the morning straight to our rooms in Disneyland Hotel. :) *yeay*

Disney transportation history that you ought to know

Ruzain resting with Gelatoni

When we arrive at the hotel, we didn't get to spent the time soaking the beautiful ambiance of the hotel. I, personally was really tired and it was still raining that I had to run into the hotel (afraid that I may have ruined my newly purchased camera). We check in the hotel and receive 2 days complimentary Disney Resort Line tickets and Happy 15 entry tickets for tomorrow. That night we decided not to eat out but just to have dinner in our rooms. We still have a couple of brahims with us so yeah, brahim's for our dinner!

5311 is our lucky room number

Vanity mirror

Detailing on our wardrobe knobs

Free slippers *now I have a full drawer collection of them*

TV and our nighties

Mad Hatter much forgotten his hat here!

Huge Sofa and the wall of fame

Is that Odaiba over there?

I'm late! I'm late!

Queen of Heart Headboard

Our fancy wash basin

Who are you?

Tweedle Dum watching you shower...

Full set of toothbrushes!! Yippie..

Coffee anyone?

Alice.. Your dress in here..

Kiddos watching TV.. All Japanese Channels

I must say.. I love those lamps
That evening only Mr. Bob and the kids scouted around the hotel. I ask them to find some biscuits for breakfast as we are all out of it. I was really exhausted and would prefer laze around the room in the cozy warm bed.

The kids with their jammies, went out and toured around the hotel lobby. I missed my chance maybe next time though. :P

Seriously, those chandelier is crazy!

Don't forget your Shelly May

How much this doll house actually cost? It's so detailed and exquisite looking. Love it!!
Early the next day we got ready for our first day in Disneyland. It was raining but that doesn't dampened the children's spirit. :) We get ready much earlier so that we could use our Happy 15 entry. The main target for that morning was to get the Monster Inc ride fast pass then wait in Standby for the Winnie the Pooh ride. Because of the rain, Tokyo Disneyland seems to be slightly quiet. We didn't have to queue when collecting the fast pass and we didn't have to queue that long for the Winnie the Pooh ride either.

Water proof jacket checked!

Ideas/inspiration for our upcoming house perhaps?

Winnie the Pooh Ride

Now, this ride is quite special. Its quite different when compared to Hong Kong Disneyland ride.
The storyline is more or less the same but the design of the characters and animatronics are very different.
You have to ride it to really soak up the ride ambiance. Hehe.

Giant size storybook in the waiting line

Ruzain look excited

It's now our turn mom!

Haunted Mansion

Then, we queued up for the Haunted Mansion ride. Ruzain was scared but not actually terrified of the ride. I told him countless time that if he is scared, just close his eyes and hug me. He seemed alright by the end of it. There is also a lot of zombies jumping out from boxes, but when I tried to close his eyes *afraid that he'll get scared* he told me off and that we wanted to see. So, I let him see. :) He was fine at the end of it.

Roger Rabbit Car Toon Spin

I don't think the kids know Roger Rabbit. I was 8 years old when I first watch Roger Rabbit and I thought that the movie was fantastic because it was both cartoon and real life characters. Talk about imagination. The kids also had fun, but the ride also include some nasty bit so its not so suitable for the young ones. But a ride is a ride, we all went on it. It was still raining. *cold*

Round and round you go!! You can actually spin your own car!
We waited for Mr. Bob when he had to use the loo. While the kids keep on pestering me about their hungry tummies. So, I treat the children at one of the toontown cafe. We ordered some fries and a cupcake to sweeten our taste buds.

I can't wait to dig in

Mommy look at that. Now, don't touch. Its for display only. :p

We then had to ran straight to the Monster Inc. ride to use our fast pass. By now, the rain started to pour like mad. Our socks soaked right up into our soggy shoes. We got lost back to tomorrowland and had to ask for some directions. At last we got in and the queue was tremendously short *in comparisons to other horror queue stories*.

Monster Inc. Go and Seek Ride

This ride was pure fun. The children love it, heck I love it. 
We would have queue twice but alas we had priority seating at Blue Bayou Restaurant at 12pm that we had to keep. So, with a heavy heart we left. Throughout the day, Ruzain kept asking to get into the ride once again.

Just look at that face


Hey, that's Mike!!

Yup, it was still raining. We took shelter at the World Bazaar while Farissa did her final souvenir shopping *so she says* There is this one shop that sells all things stationary and we spend a bit of money time there.

Awww Lady and the Tramp
Pirates of the Carribean

I don't actually like this ride so much. It's gloomy and a bit of a freak show. There are many2 pirates with daunting images of sluts, drunkard and whores. The ride takes you around the city where Captain Jack Sparrow has been. Yeah, it was not really that entertaining. A one time ride perhaps?

This scared Ruzain *and his mommy*

Hello Jack!!
At last, it's lunch time at the Blue Bayou. We made reservation through the Tokyo Disney Resort website and receive the Priority Seating. The place had the New Orleans feel like the story of Frog Prince and Princess Tatiana.

They do have a full range of seafood menu that you could order from. The kids get their own proper children table seating with Disney characters which was wonderful and fun. The ambiance is really dark to get the Bayou feel with fainting sound of pirates fighting in the background. Haha! You truly have to be here and get that experience.

Characters could be stood up

Farissa had all of the characters standing up! :)

Cream of corn and bread

Really yummy

This is fish and salad for Mr. Bob

Seafood Gratin

Deserts samples!!

Aaaaaaah Creme Brule'

Thats all folks!

Still raining.. Yeah
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