Disneysea Day 2 (Part 3) and Ristorante Di Canaletto

Our 2nd day in Tokyo Disneysea started out with a long queue. The longest? Its the Happy 15 queue. When you are staying in one of Tokyo Disney's Hotel you are allowed to enter 15 mins earlier than those who aren't. We were at the entrance 45 mins prior to the park's opening and just look at the queue!! *sobs* Well, that is reality.

We queue up patiently like good Japanese people except the kids can't stop moving and squirming in the queue. Our tactic for the day is to make a mad dash to Toy Story Mania ride (favorite rides of all time - queue time is always way longer than 1 hour wait. Mr. Bob is supposedly to run towards the fastpass ticket queue (once we allowed in), while myself and the kids wait in line in standby.

However, the plan goes haywire when Farissa suddenly spotted Pinocchio and his dad at the entrance. We stop for pics and autograph before continuing to dash towards the famous ride. I really felt like fainting. Lightly jog *more like stumbling in between fast Japanese runners on my left and right*.

Have you been a good boy Pinocchio?

Ruzain has clearly no interest in the characters!
We saw Mr. Bob and wave at him but he was still queuing in the fastpass lane. Within 10 mins we are already in!!

Happy children. Mommy still catching her breath from her light jog.

We love the colors on display and all the Toy Story characters!

Kakak still got time to start a fight with Adek

Can you see that we are walking towards Andy's room door!

We were to grab our own 3D glasses which makes perfect sense since this is a shooting arcade

Farissa concentrating

We walked out from the Toy Story Mania with huge smiles on our faces. :) It is a simply 'must do' ride. Then papa stop by to buy a bowl of mo-chi for us. I could imagine they utter the words 'the claaaaaw'. Haha!

By now the queue for the ride was this long!

Mochi with custard, strawberry and chocolate cream
We were supposed to continue packing our bags and check out from Miracosta. However, we got plenty of time and decided to kill some here at the New York Deli. Our tummy's were quite full so we'd only ordered some fries and ice tea.

Salmon bagel was papa's order

Watching some cartoon while mama check us out from the hotel
One amazing thing that Disney Hotel could do for you is that they will be able to send your luggage to the next Disney Hotel. We were to check in at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, so Miracosta will send over our luggage to our room in TDH. Isn't that convenient?

Meeting Clarice in her Sailor Uniform. Autograph signed!

Hello Dale!

All this while Ruzain is sleeping.

Next in line Chip the Chipmunk

Farissa is posing as Ursula. Can you tell?
Since, we never been to Venice, I thought it would be nice for our little family to enjoy the Gondola ride. The queue was about 20 mins which was not bad.

Start of the ride

Ruzain and mama

Nice right?

Wait this is our restaurant!! Our reservation is at 1.10pm better not be late!

Even Ariel dine here.
If you are planning to grab lunch why not try Ristorante Di Canaletto. Ask for a table with an outside view. We couldn't say that how much we love this restaurant enough. It is a much relax ambiance in comparisons to S.S.Columbia for sure. There are plenty of seafood cuisine to choose from. From soup to pizza to pasta. The total bill for this lunch cost us about RM 200 but with the amount of food its ok. Highly recommended.

We had mushroom and minestrone soup for starter

Seafood pizza *a must for kids

Seafood pasta

Dessert Sampler


Enjoying the dessert I see

The queue if you have not make any reservation

After lunch we took our last stroll around Disneysea and soak up whatever ambiance that we could. Grab some Caramel popcorn along the way. Lastly, we took a turn back to the Mermaid Lagoon and breeze through a couple of ride before deciding to go back home due to the rainfall.

Street show?

Port Discovery

Caramel popcorn to fill up our tummy *its a never ending process*

Got into the flounder coaster ride

No smokin' folks!

Thrill seeker Ruzain

Our last stop would be the Ariel's Playground. But Ruzain hated this place because it is all dark and gloomy. We spend a couple of minutes here before heading back. I think most small children will like this place they could climb, hide around. You can simply spend hours here, playing around.

Ursula crazy town

Climb up and away!

Oh oh.. this shark gonna get you. *which was another reason why Ruzain hated this place :p*

Two sharks!! Can you spot them?

Swim action please kids.

Last but not least, Farissa found her true love friend Prince Eric.

What a catch!!
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