Krabi Day 3 - The Final Story

Well folks.. We almost reached at the end of our honeymoon cum vacation in Krabi. So, we did not have anything installed for us day 3. Plus, it was raining, so we decided to just walk along Krabi town and have a look at the city.

Our first stop was the Mosque. It was huge. Much bigger than some here in Malaysia. I could say, there are quite a number of Musollah around here. Around this particular mosque are many halal cafe and restaurants.

Then, we say this restaurant right beside the road with a few dolphins statue.
Have to capture that image here. :)

There are also beautiful scenery around Krabi. 
Taking photos with these beautiful mementos are also free!!

And.. we found this cure little cafe where you could stop buy and drink coffee,
or buy a cake and browse through the available books that they have there.

See the collection of books?

 Ok folks! Thats the end of our short trip in Krabi.
We wish to visit again *insyallah* really soon.
And go island hopping this time!!


mummy sheefa said…
Wow! Bestnya honeymoon kat Krabi. I have never been there. So, enjoying your happy photos:)