Leaving Again

Salam Good Readers,

Basically, we are leaving once again for a long holiday. Haha! Not the fun type but the more obligatory type. :) We are going back to Mr. Bob's hometown in Limbang, Sarawak. For those of you that unaware of Mr. Bob's background, he is literally from the 'kampung' where you have to use the rain water for bathing. For myself, it is a very humbling experience as I am a city girl and my kampung is literally in the city where you could find yourself in a shopping complex during Eid. However, I must admit that I could only survive one night maximum per visit. Haha! *no joke*

I know Mr. Bob love his 'kampung' and I feel that it is important for Farissa and Ruzain to experience this side of their inheritance. Well with that said, by the time you are reading this, we have reached Sarawak. So, until my next entry.. a picture of the kids to accompany this lonely blog.