Kitchen Update and Merry Christmas to All!!

It's almost Christmas and everyone has their year end holiday mood on! Well happy holidays everyone! 

Just recently, Mr. Bob and I decided to change our back door because it is rotten, cracked and fungal infested. This is up to the extend, we couldn't even open the back door wide enough to squeeze through. Finally, we gave up the thought of purchasing a new buggy for Ruzain and replaced it with a security door bought from Morris Decor. Yeah, talk about priorities. The security door wasn't cheap but it is well worth the investment *its supposed to have 9 locks*. The door contractor had to hack some of the walls because the new door is slightly wider size wise. However, after the installation they did not repaint the hacked area. :( It was indeed an ugly sight.

I asked for lil bro favor to get the kitchen repainted. If you are interested, its Nippon paint Clear Blue. Once, that is done, I had one of my decor itch to gave an update to the kitchen. The cheapest way to do it is:

1. Change the lighting
2. Change the soft finishing
3. Repaint works
4. Change the cabinet handles
5. Change the faucet

Update or change any one of this 5, I guarantee you the room will look fresher and new.

So, here are my update *you can read about the old design here:

1. Replace the old blind with the one I bought from IKEA, its 160cm for RM119. Now, this could save you a hell lot. You got bored, just change it for minimal price.
2. Change the lighting. Hey, I thought this FOTO green lighting is a match for my kitchen. Only cost RM49 (each). Anyone interested to buy my old one for a mere price? Let me know.
3. Last but not least, I splurge on this rug. Yup, I had wanted it for a long time, and I definitely do not want to wait any longer. Purchased!

Just look at the amazing rug!

Yeah, someone still needs to complete retouching the walls..

Now, where's the recipe that I wanted.. My baking mood is on!


Irma Putri said…
cantiknye kak, nak la full view... mmg teringin nak kitchen biru turqoise... huhu berangan je mampu ni
Liz Yahaya said…
I have the exact same blind, at my patio! Hehehehe beautiful kitchen and good taste as usual, dear :)