Krabi Day 2 - Seafood Street and Spa Experience!

Craving for seafood when you are in Krabi? No worries as you could find PLENTY of restaurants which offers fresh seafood. After we had our much needed shower, Mr. Bob and I decided to take a walk near Ao Nang Beach. It was raining that day, more like drizzling but our mind were made up! We walk in the rain... Haha!!

I had promised Farissa that I will buy her a t-shirt and went looking for shirts around town. A piece will roughly sell about 80bht. They could offer much less if you were to buy more. Air asia will NOT allow you much luggage. So, I grabbed only about 5 shirts and some pyjamas and thats it. We skipped a lot of restaurants until we saw this 'Seafood Restaurant' by the beach. I couldn't resist the view so we sat down for dinner and sunset!!

Nice view right.
However, if you were looking for entertainment, live band. This would not be the place.

Gosh this squid in lime sauce is a must try!

Excuse me.. Ehem2 while I stuffed this huge prawn in my mouth.
I cannot tell you guys that the seafood price here is cheap.
Because it just NOT. The price is right about similar to what we have here in Malaysia.
Maybe slightly expensive, depends on which restaurants you choose to have your dinner.

Then, when our 'little' tummy is full. We continue walking around town.
Although the night stalls are just opening up.
There are many other shops along the beach which sells plenty of souvenirs.

Nothing really caught my eye until I found this are pieces.
I found it really different from what I saw around Krabi.
So, I just pick up a couple of pieces.
How much? Well, you couldn't put a price on art. Haha!
But, I got about 500bht a piece? :) I didn't have the heart to bargain even more because the artist is the one who sells.

Got the souvenirs that I wanted.
Next comes our Spa experience. You could always try out the hotel spa but you could find many more around town.
Right opposite our hotel was a spa called Atta Rak.. Looks like a small spa right?
Look at the inside..

We were handed some cold ginger tea and cold towel..
Awwww man.. super nice and relaxing..
Then we took the leg and shoulder massage.. for 300bht per hour!!
Cheap right and it was so delightful.. :)
Highly recommended!!