Christmas Dinner at Bubba Gump!

Ok ok... Its not like we are celebrating Christmas as such. But we did have a nice dinner at Bubba Gump Sunway Pyramid during the Christmas holiday. Yeehaaaw! 

I persuaded Mr. Bob to spend the time at Sunway Pyramid just because Mango is having their annual YES and many of the winter collection is on sale! Which means I could get a good bargain on thick winter clothing for the kids. Where are we going? Well, that's a story for next year but preparation is very important. Muaahaha!

Anyway, we went to Sunway Pyramid twice. The first time at around 3pm (we did not get in) just because there was no parking and most car parks was closed. The 2nd time was after our Maghrib prayers which we are able to slot ourselves quite near to Mango. Whoop whoop *yup, I had memorized the layout of the complex for easy shopping navigation. We were seated almost immediately and as usual, I was given the 'driver seat' to order *yes, I had master the art of pointing into the menu perfectly.

Smacking dunking we had an absolute wonderful dinner and would definitely be back for a bite or two!
Someone is afraid of the giant shrimp floating around the restaurant

Main menu, steak and shrimp!

Giant desert that we give you cavities nightmares

A must order, mushroom and cheese!

Is this my dinner? Why is it place on a fishing ship?

Junior wants to order too!


dorsett pink said…
Sedapnye ais krim tu.. melting.. yummy yummy