Krabi Day 1 - Romantic Candle Light Dinner (Cliff Sala)

I had secretly planned a romantic dinner for me and Mr. Bob. I've emailed the hotel, and they had graciously done the needful arrangement (send menu, quote price, etc.). I told them not to reveal the dinner during check in as I am afraid that Mr. Bob could overhear the conversation.

I even spend some time thinking of what to dress that nite. Trying my best to make it really special for us. :) I took the rose from our bedroom and place on my hijab to please the staffs there and show them that I really appreciate their efforts! Of course, I was slightly overdressed! All the mat salleh wore only T-shirt and shorts. Here I am wearing a glamorous Jubah. Haha!

The nite lights from outside of our 3rd floor room.

I was closed to tears as we were lead to our table.
The restaurant called The Cliff Sala.
It was so beautiful, the staffs really overdone themselves! They had secluded us at a corner (the only ones there).
We were led up by candles and the lighting were dimmed and we were surrounded by soft lit candles!

Live band was singing.
Romantic mood was really on the high!
We were introduce to our server of the night Mr. Amar.
Yup, our names were on a young banana leaf. 

First up our appetizer.
Yummey. Prawns prawns and prawns!

This would be the thai coconut seafood soup.
Aww.. this one is somewhat similar of a tom yum but has that coconut milk in it.

Our main course, grilled seafood.
My word, seriously I could express how good everything tasted.
It was well seasoned and fresh!

And finally, our dessert.
Fruits with Jelly.

While we were finishing up our nice dinner with hot tea, suddenly, one of the waitresses presented us with her specialty drink.
Ahaaa!! No... it is not alcoholic.. It's actually soda syrup with cherry.
It was on the house, and I was touched once again on how nice the staff was.
They wish us happiness and a long wonderful relationship!

Nite2 everyone!! 
Until day 2....*wink*


Iela Fazielah said…
farah...kenyang ke??? tgk dang 3 ketul je... sotong yg penting suasana kan....??
kenyang giler ilah... tak abis pun.. nampak jer sket... :p