Krabi Day 2 - Elephant Ride & Nutella Banana Pancake

Oh my... Please bear with me as I still have a few entries for Krabi.. Haha! No point of stopping me now. I on a roll baby! :) Last entry was about  me and Mr. Bob having a fantastic time kayaking down Bor Thor.. Well, after we did our 2 hours of Kayak *yes, it was hours*.. we had our Muslim package lunch at the port.. Man, I was so surprised at the amount of food that was ready for us! They served us like 6 dishes (excluding rice) and it was loads! *no complains here*

At first, I was quite cautious about drinking the water but it seems they poured it from a mineral bottle. So, I guess it was ok. We had Tom Yum Kung (prawn), bean sprout, fried prawns, chicken with cashew nuts, chicken  with mix veges and fruits platter for dessert. Talk about being full. :)

Look at the prawns in my Tom Yum!!! 

There were no complain from Mr. Bob either...

After all that food, I make a dash to the toilet and I thought.. hey these decor seems familiar
(they are the drawings inside the cave, remember?)

Ok, our driver is waiting for us and we hopped on the van.
The drive was no longer than 15 minutes and we are at the Elephant Safari.
At this point of time, I wasn't sure that I truly wanted to be on an Elephant.
But Mr. Bob pushed me on one and I had to put on a brave face *damn it*
So, before we had to be on one, the tour guide asked us to pay some tip to the Mahoot around 40bht but in the end Mr. Bob just gave the man 100bht = RM10 to treat the 'well behaved elephant'

It was a half and hour track around the estate.. which I thought "hey.. I survived! *thank GOD*"
we went up the hill and down the hill.. through thick bushes and I swear that I will never do this ever again.. because I am not CRAZY enough to do it twice.. :)

Finally it was all over, and I happily hopped off our ride.. and urged Mr. Bob to give a tip..
Some bananas perhaps..
I scouted around the area and found 2 beautiful birds in a cage..
The owner came near me at literally gave both of them to me..
Gosh.. they are super cute.. 

Mr. Bob came over.. then I took a couple of pictures of him with the birds..

Then, the owner ask one of the elephant trainers to bring out a baby elephant..
Super adorable.. too adorable in fact!

I've got to hug her and pat her.. and love her for only a moment..
Wondering where's the mummy.. :(

Play dead.. "Papa.. how could you???"
Relax.. 3 secs for a photo.. but seriously.. I couldn't do it..

After our photo session.. we went straight back to our hotel.. and showered..
I smelled like an elephant.. Haha!

Then, came our most awaited agenda... exploring the Krabi city..
and trying out a must Krabi try
Banana Nutella Pancake.. hot and delicious..
the queue was long but we were so eager to try out.. :)

Happy husband... :)
Happy tummy.. Haha!

Until next entry... Krabi nite life..


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