Playroom: Adding a Rug Could Make Huge Difference

Hi peeps! Happy day today ain't it. Yes? No? :) Well guess what I have.. New photos of my recently updated kids playroom. This room look has changed for a number of time. But each room should be updated to ensure that it is also fresh and lively *plus it could be one of your excuses to shop for new decorative items* guilty!

Before any design could happen, the playroom needed to be overhauled or emptied. I have 2 free workers that could help me with that! We took out all soft decors / toys that were not suitable with the kids ages like baby toys / naked barbies / etc. There goes the stuffs. We collected it in a bag for charity.

Remember what it use to look like?
Well have a good look.
If you are around SK, I am willing to let go these rugs (pink and blue)
bought in IKEA for a very reasonable price. *wink*

I am also planning to let go the green and red cardboard shop for really really cheap price just leave up a comment k..

Here are the updates:
1. We replace the 2 rugs with one 3D single pink and purple rug (which was bought in Nilai 3)
2. Rearrange the books in the wall shelves (make them less heavy)
3. Add in more books in the shelving below (kids reachable)
4. Arrange the books based on colors

Tadaaa!! Better right?

Somebody, seemed to be really busy helping mommy preparing dinner.. :)

Color coded shelves.. I know, crazy right..
Just a thought, you really don't have to arrange it like this all the time..
and I promise that my house isn't this organised all the time.. *pinky promised*
Some people I have it this clean absolutely 24/7.. Na ah!!!!
I have 2 kids ok.. its ok to slack *once in a while.. ;)

So leave you thoughts behind.. Until next post!!


Iela Fazielah said…
nice farah...ila minat dgn 3d rug tu..ila ada usha 1 helai ms gi nilai dulu warna blue black... tp xbl la....
Liz said…
Farah, green red shop tuh ade lagi? What is it made from?
cardboard.. very lightweight to move around..
Liz said…
Hehe got your reply. How much are you planning to let it go for?