Animal World Safari A Famosa Melaka Review and Portuguese Village

Hi guys!! Do you know that Groupon Malaysia is having some kind of promotional rates for A Famosa attraction? If you don't know... now you know.. Haha! For our trip in Melaka, we have planned to drop by the animal safari just because Ruzain has not been to one. The promotional rates were RM 29 per person. Which is considerably cheap in comparison with the original price of RM 60++..

We arrived slightly early at 9.15am and there was no queue at the ticket redemption counter. From the outside, we could see an elephant standing just inside the safari entrance and the kids got so excited. We took a nice picture with some 'cowboys and red indian' and we claimed them for RM 28 which I thought it is way cheap in comparison to other theme parks that I went to.

Upon walking close to the elephant both kids turn chicken and we had to forget about the idea of taking a photo with it. :) Maybe next time though. So, the next attraction was to feed this animals (like a mini bears / racoons). Mr. Bob take the chance of feeding them form RM 5 (which goes to the conservation of this mammals).

The farm attraction was close for upgrading purpose, so we were not able to see little chicks chirping in some glass room like last time. Check it out here
Although there are still new attraction like the ponies that you are able to feed *with price of course*.
The good news is, you are very much close to nature...
The bad news each, nature is very much close to you *which explains giant mosquitoes bites*

Papa showing how it is done!

Farissa feeding one pony some carrots

There are also camels, emus, billy goats, sheep and horses..
You have a choice to grab them some long beans/carrots/cabbages all for RM5 per pack..

Then, mama was telling the kids explore other places or not we will be feeding animals all day long..
*with papa wallet* hahaha!
Last time, we were not being able to enjoy the Monkey Island..
So, this time we were determined to enjoy this attraction..

As we were early, apparently there was no keeper at the island..
So we had to wait for the keeper to be there..
No matter we waited at the deck with some snacks and drinks. Enjoying the scenic view of the lake..

Ok .. when everything was set.. we went on board the boat..
Just look how excited Farissa is to climb on board..
The island is super small, you can easily walk about 5 minutes and complete the tour.. hahaha..
The keeper was super late and we were not able to buy the animals feeding *upset*
The squirrel monkeys look extremely hungry..

Up close and personal... Most of them gathered close to us..
I guess they are waiting for food!

*Ruzain was extremely fascinated with that rooster* hahaha
you can definitely guess from that look that he is one heck of a city boy!


We spent only about 3 hours and promised Nenma to meet up at Dataran Pahlawan..
*yup my mom is here* :)
My mom is going away to Europe a couple of weeks in May, so she wanted to spend some quality time with the cucus..

Mr. Bob wanted to introduce the family to Portuguese village.. Here you have to find the right stall to get the right delicious cooking.. Stall 4 is run by a muslim family (2nd stall from the toilet)..
Don't be intimidated by the pack of ushers greeting you from the entrance of the court.. :)
Just calmly let them know, I want to go to stall no. 4 and you will be alright...

We ordered:
1. Fried Kangkung
2. Nestum prawns *recommended
3. Deep fried squid
4. Chili crab (2 huge crabs) *recommended
5. Portuguese chili fish

So, uttermost delicious!!!
Finger linking goodness.. :)



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