Simplest Lasagna by Me

One thing for sure, I had NEVER been one that follows by the book when it comes to cooking *ikut sedap tekak jer*. It must be the easiest way to do it but does not compromise the overall taste. Yup3x

The rule of thumb: Do not kill yourself over the fact you do not have one or two ingredients that the recipe book required *some people do*

Ok my lasagna: 
  1. Couple pieces of lasagna
  2. Minced beef/chicken/seafood *I like beef
  3. Prego instant tomato and mushroom sauce
  4. Extra button mushroom *NCBNTH
  5. Diced onion *NCBNTH
  6. Olive oil
  7. Butter
  8. Cheese (Mozarella/Parmesan/Cheddar)
  9. Fresh Milk
  10. Flour *Spoonful 
*NCBNTH - Not crucial but nice to have

Red Sauce:
Heat pan with olive oil. Throw in diced onion. Throw in minced beef. Throw in Prego Sauce. *A lot of throwing sensation is happening here. Take it up to a boil. Add in sugar / pepper / salt. Do what taste right.

White Sauce:
Heat pan. Melt some butter. Pour in some fresh milk. Slow down the heat and thicken the sauce with flour. Then, shred some cheddar cheese.

Smothered the lasagna pan with butter. Start with red sauce, lasagna, red sauce, white sauce, lasagna. Repeat until pan is full. The last layer should be red sauce, then top it up with all the cheeses in the world *or at least your kitchen.

Pre-heat over to 180 celcious degress. Baked for about 40 mins.


Nuha Ariana said…
Hushh.nmpk sedap..nyum3x..