Labor Day Family Time

Alhamdullilah... I had plan plenty of vacation / jalan2 with the kiddos and without them *honeymooning* for this year. Yahoo!! If GOD permits we will visit 3 places outside of Malaysia *could also be more if work requires it and most will only be inside of Malaysia.. teeheee..

For this Labor day, we decided to venture somewhere near and dear to us which was in Melaka.. Yup, twas the place me and Mr. Bob met and fell in love *queue sappy music here* haha! I had forgotten that Farissa was schooling and booked paid a room.. Only then, I realised.. "Eh, kakak skolah lah" By then time it was too late (alasan jer nih) :p

So, we stayed for 2 nights at Avillion Legacy Melaka.. this hotel is reasonably priced, clean and provides breakfast for free! All my favorite traits of any hotel.. :)

Nothing much was planned for the first day..we took a dipped that late noon and the cool splash was really refreshing! Although at first Ruzain was really nervous being in a pool *we seldom go swimming* by the end of it the kids was having so much fun!

After that dipped, I told Mr. Bob that I really wanted to have some Baba Nyonya cooking *seriously anymore fastfood could make me vomit* 
After googling, we decided to try out the bignyonya restaurant.. Since, it was highly recommended by several other foodies bloggers..

Upon ordering, we were served with vegetable crackers.. The kids loved it!

Of course, my ever favorite iced cendol.. yummy!!

We also ordered:
Mushroom cap chai,
Udang masak nenas,
Ikan goreng lada.

Our favorite goes to Ikan Goreng Lada!!
The fish was fresh and the 'lada' was balance and well seasoned..
Definitely a worth try

Total damage: RM 92 *which is very ok considering the tasteful dishes!


Iela Fazielah said…
bestnyer bercuti...avillion melaka ila dah dtg 2 kali...tempat mmg best