Arman Dani

Have you ever feel upset at your children spilled over some milk?
Or disappointed that they didn't know how to read when others can?
Do you feel too tired to read a book that they wanted you to read?

Yes, yes and yes. I am a mother. I am not perfect. I am human.

But, could you imagine the lost of these little beings? These little angels that lifted you up high above the clouds the first time that they could utter your name. "Mama" "Ummi" "Ibu".

Those chubby little fingers which touches your face, lips, each playtime. Those hugs, kisses they give you each day. Could you endure a single day without them? I know I can't.

I had the opportunity to read about a very special, special boy. Beautiful in every way. One of GODS angles by now, sweet and joyful. Waiting for his strong mommy there on one of the rainbows in heaven. I may not know his mommy personally. Only by far through a screen of that a mobile / monitor. But I could feel her sorrow and pain. I pray that one day this pain will be replaced by fullness and peace. I pray for this special mommy. Be strong mommy, be strong. There are so many people here willing to lend you their shoulders to cry. Take mine too.


My heaven and earth