Outdoor Reflection of IKEA Honefoss

Hi wonderful peeps!

What have you guys been up to? Me? Well, we decided to spend our Sunday at home doing DIYs. Yup3x. I had purchased the IKEA Honefoss mirror way back in April *exactly* It took us this long to paste it on the wall. We've been bz. *eyes on the floor*

The house is newly painted. You can read it here and we are planning to update our none existing garden real soon. We've purchased a couple of outdoor pieces and once arrived, I am sure to update here. So stay tune you guys... ;)

Nice right? 
My free contractor aka Mr. Bob had a very hard time following my supervisory vision of a 3 layered tiled mirror..
*imagine a lot of unneeded extra direction*

Well gorgeous right? :) 
Stay tune for more design ideas by me..


Iela Fazielah said…
hmmm cun...dr jauh dah nampak... farah.... boleh x bg contact no. org yg cat rmh u.. nak tau price jugak whole exterior bapa dia caj2 lain..plez... sms ila ye ..tq
ok will sms u ilah... :)