Random Week

Actually, I have nothing much to update this weekend as it has been super slow. No Mr. Hubby at home, and if he is not at home I seems to let go a lot of things in my mind. I could care less. So, this week is about relaxing, eating, watching tv and helping Farissa with her artwork exams which is coming up this week, doing the laundry and normal chores.

My d.i.y project? Well, both rooms upstairs is a huge mess. I did not have the time to make any arrangements. I still have to wait for Mr. Bob to move some of the furniture, wait for the new ones to arrive, hang the new curtains *yes I've ordered 2 sets*, paint the rooms *which my lil bro has promised to finish up the paint work by this week. Hope he comes through with that. My my what long list that I have. Still most work comes up unfinished. *demmit*

I promised myself to complete most of the stuffs by this week. But I have a conference by the end of this week which is highly unlikely that I will successfully accomplished what I have promised myself in the first place. *sigh here* huaaaaaaaghhhhh!!

Focus Farah.. focus!! Anyway guys, will update about my guest bedroom and farissa bedroom design soon! I will share colors concept and ideas which you could easily implement in your own rooms as well. "Senang!!", items I purchase will most likely be purchased in Ikea and is most importantly affordable.

My busyuk... :)

He is currently became best buddies with his Ayah Chu..

Oh yes.. and I rolled up some pizzas last week..
Eat and sleep remember..
I rocks!!! hahahahahah!!


Iela Fazielah said…
Owh...byknyer projek nak buat... n best tgk pizza u..base buat sendiri or bl dah siap?