Waroeng IGA & School Preparation!

On your mark, get ready, go!! Go mama go!!

Hey there beautiful mummies! Had fun last weekend? I know I did. :)  Yeay! Me and Mr. Bobby had planned to do some school preparation for Farissa last Saturday. We chose to shop @One Utama. Why OU? because GAP had its member promo.. Evil laugh here.. Muahahahaha... 

Our first stop was of course Parkson, grab few Canggih brands school uniforms, 2 pairs of white shoes and we are done. :D  Total damage around 350 (we still yet to buy the sekolah agama uniform due to limited stocks). Never mind, later.

Mr. Bob is a real hands on dad. Standing in front of the changing room. 
Just to double check on his daughter size. *Awwwwww*
Awesome papa ladies!!

Checking with Farissa if she is ok with the skirt.
We bought the smallest size for her.

Not much on school shoes. The shoes that I liked (black) are not in stock.
We bought only the white ones for Sekolah Agama.
The black ones had to buy later.

This lil guy is too tired. We slept for a while waiting mama shopping.
It's end of the year and nearing Christmas so everything was on sale.
Really happening and I found a good bargain at Okaidi!!
Manage to grab a fur coat for Farissa for ONLY RM 60 *gasp here*

Then we were all hungry and I really do NOT want to eat any western restaurant here. "Sori tekak I masih melayu" So, there are a new Indonesian restaurant Waroeng IGA. Looks good, let see if there is anything interesting here.
 Love the interior of the restaurant.
Nice chairs, tables, wall decor!
Servers are polite and attentive.

Ding!! Ideas!!

After woken up, this kid is super cranky. He wants his meal up and fast. What we ordered?
  • Nasi goreng special - Mama
  • Nasi ayam penyet - Papa
  • Nasi puting + ayam goreng - Ruzain and Farissa
  • Verdict? Average. Wang solo is definitely tastier and better *my opinion*
 However, Ruzain seems to like it. :)

Really festive ain't it? Red and green everywhere!
Presents flying across the plaza. 
The kids really enjoyed the ambiance, mama and papa too!
The concourse is jammed packed with exhibition of Christmassy gifts and products.
Drop by OU peeps!!


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