Nairobi Safari, Kenya~ Mama is Going to be Busy

I am going to be busy for a bit.. So, I'm leaving you guys with a little memoir of what is like to be in the Nairobi Safari~ My throwback from 2010... :) We woke up super early that day, and funnily had nasi lemak! hihi.. Then, we're of the our very first real National Geographic status Safari! Weather was super cool and we are super ready...

In the van departed from our apartment.

Wild Olive Baboons were everywhere.
And yes, they were larger than what I expected.

I've actually forgotten how much that we've paid to be in the Safari.
But, I am sure it is all worth it.
First off, our driver took us to this area where some confiscated elephant tasks were burnt.
Due to the shear numbers of poachers.

Aha!! Now the animals that we saw....
There we many many buffaloes..
This one is a mommy and baby..

*Ayoooo... angry at us aaaaa?*

Beautiful and graceful.. antelopes...

Many giraffes and we'd almost hit one.
All because I needed the ladies ASAP!

Oh, we're lucky enough to see some rhinos.
Though it was not many.

Ahhhhh let's end this post with a cute little PUMBA.. hik hik..


Aidashar Abdul said…
alaaa bestnya farah! teringin nak plak nak pegi safari kat sana :)
next time u ikut i k.. hihihi..