The Story of How We Met

Today, I felt like telling you guys a story. Do not fret, it is only a short one *I think* on how Mr. Bob and I both met. :)

Long ago (12 years to be exact), I enrolled in a University somewhere in Melaka. Taking up a course where I should not even consider to take. Daddy forced me into it. :P And tt was during this time that I met him.

I remember it clearly like it was like yesterday. I always 'lepak2' with buddies for dinner at a restaurant quite near to the place I was renting. RSU at that time. And almost everyday I saw this boy eating with some friends and he really caught my interest. He was thin, fair, chinese looking *main criteria*. He always wore this dark green coat over his shirt.

So, one day, I decided to stalk him after dinner. He went into a shop and bought a pack of oreos and a box of Mango peel fresh. Wanting to stalk even closer, so I bought myself some biscuits *I think*. Can't really recall coz I am really focusing to talk to this boy. Hehe. He paid, left the shop and went out to lepak outside the shop.

And without even thinking, I went outside and said hello to him and asking his name. Yup, I know. Bold moves sister. Haha! Somehow, our friendship started that way and now here we are! Nasib baik dia layan tau. :p kalo tak malu sendiri.

Now, it's been 8 years and I never felt happier. All the though endeavors that we faced while dating *chenta monyet* has surely proven to be something else. I love him, my heart and soul. My best friend. The father of my kids. Mr. Bobby.

Jiwang2 ends here... :D 

Makan2 Thai kat Paradigm Mall
Sedap I tell you.. :)