Global Art - Farissa New Passion?

Last week while Mr. Bobby was away, I had plenty of time to entertain the kiddos. Main planning is to grab breakfast with my little bro and get the car wash. We grabbed some roti canai, toseh and 'kambing' and we are ready to go for that wash la. My car condition was quite bad due to the rainy season Malaysia is suffering at the end of the year. It was really muddy.

Once done with breakfast, we waited for the car wash to open around 10 like that. It was not even open yet. While waiting, I was busily observing the surrounding shops. I had planned to send Farissa to a mathematics tuition centre and saw a sign written Global Art. More interestingly the door was open and there lo and behold a lady went up the shops staircase.
This is interesting... I asked my bro the send the car to the wash and I dragged Farissa up to this Global Art. The inside of the centre was nicely decorated with Chritmas three and presents, as you might had guessed that Christmas is nearing away. I've met with the 'principal' Ms. Jackie and she was nice enough to explain the courses and Farissa was given an immediate free class to test out.
You know what? Farissa just loved it!! I didn't think much and took the 3 month package and received 2 additional classes this December. Really a bargain. Aaaaahhh!!! The all important question, how much meh?
 Package A
 RM 640 including (3 month classes (3*110) + arts equipment + member card)
Each alternate month, there will also be a handicraft class.

Farissa was enrolled into the Foundation 3 class. 
Back to basics my lil girl.

If you are at Seri Kembangan or Equine Park and you want your kids to be creatively enhanced.
Try dropping by.
They also have this website for you guys to go through.
Oh, before I forget. This year school holidays they also have some Clay classes that your kids might enjoy.
Try it!! Share your experience with me ok.


Aidashar Abdul said…
I think I will share this with my sis and bro, so that they can send my niece and nephew there. I really thought this is good for children :)
You definitely should! :)