Ruzain 1st Birthday @KFC Subang Parade!

Ok guys before I leave for our year end vacation, just wanna do a bit of sharing. These are photos taken by the wonderful team of Pixies! Twas a last minute planning before we head for Aussie. Little Ruzain first birthday party at KFC Subang Parade. It was totally awesome. The KFC team was absolutely fantastic and immediate family, friends and neighbors were invited on that day.

Alhamdullilah, all goes out smoothly. The venue was really spacious and all little guest leave the party with tidbits and presents.

Auntie Nisah and Uncle Niza playing with Ruzain..
Hamza is Ruzain's second cousin.

Little Rania. Just a good sport!

Air balloons were everywhere...

Awwww, tq sis Syafiqah for coming all the way from SK.. :)

The kids enjoyed all of the games prepared for them..

Mommies are enjoying being the spectator!!

Doing a bit of decoration before the party started!

Chicky join the fun games as well..

Candle blowing ceremony...
Kakak is the candle blower.. hihihi..
*bley ar sementara adek tak pandai lagik*

Kids getting presents from chicky...

Say cheeeeese kids!!

Love this picture!!

For us it was a very happy moment commemorating our baby boy's first birthday..
Too many fun photos to share!!
Anyways, chat with you guys after our little gateway..