Hamley's One Utama

Dashing through the snow, in a one door open sleigh!!
Jingle bells, jingle bells!!
I mean everywhere in major shopping complexes in KL, the buildings will be decorated with Christmas Jingles and flair. Everyone, have that must shopping attitude. Most places will be jammed packed with shoppers.
Have you been to Hamleys in One Utama? If you haven't, well you definitely should! It is absolutely fun and interactive toy store. It is newly open, and everybody who's in here shops like mad. I almost did except to the fact that there is like a 10 meters queue to pay our purchases. *Shoot*
In the store, there are like 5 - 10 minis stalls that Hamley's shows demos of the toys/products that they are selling. Kids will have a fantastic time just observing the demonstrations, parents to! Although price wise it is normal priced like everywhere else. :)
Farissa begging us to go in the store!
Its a parents trap!!

Ruzain trying out some mega blocks on the wall.
He seems to love building things so I almost bought him the mega blocks beg BUT hey.. the 10m queue again.

Ok, and kakak had her nails done and artsy. Hehe.
She wanted ladybird bug and strawberry. This is one of the products sold here.

Huge store!! A must go for parents who'd love to splurge on their kids!

Aiyoooo anak2 mama busynye!!
We will go again and buy ok. Once the queue is shorter of course! :D


Iela Fazielah said…
boleh pergi nnt..tp tak tahan nnt semua jd mcm farissa nak mintak bl barang pulak...haha
mesti semua tuntut ilah.. hahaha