Gold Coast Australia: Seaworld (Day 2)

Seaworld was so much closer to our hotel. Only 10 mins drive and we are there! The sun was blazing hot but the wind is much cooler. We were all dressed in deep blue colors to match our day at Seaworld! The kids were excited, my parents were excited too. :)

Place: Seaworld
Entrance: VIP Pass AUD 79.90 (combo movie world and wet n wild) - Buy 3 free 1 promo
Halal Dining: None (but there is an all seafood restaurant) Dockers Tavern
Snacks: Mineral water popcorn with mineral water AUD13
Photo Souvenirs: AUD40

Again we arrived super early at sea world.
So, like any good natured tourist we lined up before entering the theme parks.
There were many people getting ready to enjoy the day.

First stop, Penguin Encounter!!
Farissa all geared up to watch some super cute penguins.

Oh yeah.. this time round Nenma and Tok Ayah tagged along with us.

Ruzain was also quite ecstatic to watch the 'birds' swimming.
He wanted to be with the penguins too (I think).

Just look at those tiny pointy fingers!!
*geram sgt tau*

Next, comes the live show.
The theme is Detective Fish? Or something like. :)
It is super enjoyable. It's funny and the seals are adorable.

The characters of the show was creative and super funny.
The kids loves it and so does the adult.

We did not seat up front because it is very hot!
The shades did not reach to the front.
But you will actually be very close to the seal.

Adik dah mula bosan la ni.. dah kire2 jari dia.. tak lama lg menjerit mintak papa dia angkat ke hulu hilir.. Kakak mmg concentrate abes..

Because Farissa wanted to see the Dora Adventure Show.
We decided to part from Nenma and Tok Ayah party.
I bought some salty pop corn for Farissa and a bottle of mineral water.
Ruzain got his own Happy Snack that we brought from Malaysia.
Everyone is happy for the time being.
Show is about 30 mins.

Ruzain seems uninterested to the characters on stage and much more keen on walking up and down the stairs.

In the end, Farissa was joining the fun.
Singing and dancing and all is good.
Mr. Bob carried Ruzain outside because he is making such a fuss.

Ok, we did enough shows already. Time to spend some time with the sea creatures in sea world.
First stop, touch and feel the sting ray.
I was not getting any action as Farissa was nervous touching them.
Plus, it was way down and I had to put my hands deep to reach them.

Farissa wanted to see the Polar bears and there were 2 cute bears here!
No baby in sight.. *sigh*
They must had placed the baby somewhere else.
The bears were just relaxing and swimming around.

Then we walked over the touch and feel area.
This is where you can try and hold sharks eggs sacks, starfish, sea cucumber.
Farissa seems worried at first. She hated the thought of baby sharks.
Ruzain on the otherhand, dove right in. He touches everything. :)
My brave boy.

He touches the shark's egg sacks which was floating around.

He touches star fishes.

By then, it was noonish and our tummy becomes really hungry.
We promise the clan to meet up here at Dockers Tavern where they serve seafood!
Super yummy.
It was one of the best seafood spread that I ever tasted.

This is the seafood platter.
A mix of fried prawns, squids, fish and chips.

The dish in the cone is the fish and chips.

Ruzain was feeling kinda sleepy.
He did not have his morning nap.

The bill for our small family rounds up at 47.50.
Not bad for lunch. :) Our tummy are happy and we can continue exploring.

Just beside the Restaurant was the Dolphin cove.
A couple of dolphins are enjoying a pink ball above water.

Dinosaur Island.
I think is a new addition to the park.
Other than displaying sea creatures.
They display many huge robotic dinosaurs.
The robots have minimal movements but I guess it is quite interesting to bring your kids here.

This is one of the interactive display.
They have several buttons for people to try and make different parts of the dinosaur body to move.
Farissa had a blast trying out different buttons.
Oh by now, I bought a teddy polar for Farissa.
She seems to adore it.

The park also have a Dinosaur Discovery Centre.
More different types of dinosaur can be found here.
If you have small kids, you definitely have to go!

An interactive display. You can try and hear the horn-bill Dino horns sound like.

The last activity that Farissa tried out is the hunt for dinosaur fossils.
We spent a long time here for her to truly experience fossil hunting.
Plus, she seems to love it.

Farissa found the T-Rex head skeletons!!

Ok.. mama dah penat plus bosan.. byk lagik tempat bley pi.. mama dah tak sabo nak pi la nih.. muaahahaha.. pas ni kite cite jalan2 kat surfer's paradise k.. harap bersabo.. dan tunggu dan bace lagik k.. Ciao!!

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