Gold Coast Australia: Currumbin Wildlife (Day 3)

Now, let me share with you guys our third day in Gold Coast. My family had decided to do a 'little' shopping at Brisbane DFO, so me and Mr. Bob decided to bring the kids to Currumbin Wildlife which is situated at about 40 mins from our hotel. The drive was smooth but we were running a bit late as I planned to be there at 8am for the lorikeet feeding. However, we did not missed it. :) Parking was about AUD2 at the same time, it is a charity to the wildlife sanctuary as well.

Place: Currumbin Wildlife
Entrance: AUD 49 adult and AUD 33 child (I bought them at Matta - buy 2 adult free 1 kid)
Halal Dining: None (but there is a small pastry shop) Sanctuary Cafe
Snacks: AUD 39 (Brunch)
Photo Souvenirs: AUD 25

This picture was taken at the car park opposite the entrance.
Farissa was quite excited to meet her first lil Koala.
Ruzain on the other hand has no idea why is he here. *love*

 First off, Lorikeet feeding..
Here, a staff will ask you on a non fix amount of fund for their charity (which I gave them AUD 5). Then, you may take a steel dish to be filled with some lorikeet feeding.
Farissa told me that the dish was smelly.
No lorikeets today.
Most of them are full I think.

 Only some Lorikeet.

 Both of the kids was stamped at the entry.
Ruzain was really curious on what it is. :)

 There are many lizards around.
I hated them. For me, the size was big enough to stop me on my tracks.

 Since, the kids was bored that there were no Lorikeets.
We went straight to do a baby crocodile shoot.
Which was something fun and different from the usual stuffs we would do.
Before that, some more photos.

 The next walk let us to the Tasmanian Devil feeding.
There are 2 animal here.
But both were running around.
I was not able to capture a good photo *sobs*. 

At long last, we manage to take some photos with a little Koala.
Mr. Bob carried the little creature with the kids touching it.
I did not take a picture here as there was already a photographer.
But, you need to pay some fees for it.
I took a package for AUD 25 which includes about 6 pieces of photographs.

 Venomous Snakes anyone?
There a few reptiles and fishes display here.
Come have a look.

 I don't like crocodile mummy!!!

 The weather was not so great.
We missed the train and had to walk a long way around the sanctuary.
We took shade at  a nearby cafe and come cross a tame peacock.
Ruzain was trying his luck chasing the bird.

 A statue display at a small man made lake.
Very sexy indeed. Hahaha!

 Once the rain stopped.
We dash across the zoo the see the Dr. Doo Lots and the Teacher Creature Show!
Farissa was hungry but excited to see the show too!

 Ruzain - "I could care less mummy"
Aduss apelah I nak buat dgn anak bujang I yang sorang nih... huhuhu.. bukan leh duduk diam2 pun.. nampaknyer satu show jeks la yg bley kite tgk nih.. sobs..

 By now, Farissa was making a huge noise that she was desperately hungry.
But all of the stalls seems to be closed.
I hate the thought of walking back, so we decided to take the train.
We missed the train, so we had some time to walk around and do some exploring at a nearby animal clinic.

 Farissa was the size of a barn owl.
And she had the weight of some Harry Wombat. hehehehe..

 I hate frogs papa!!
I do, I hate them..

 Tasmanian Devil that we had missed to look at earlier on.

 Still waiting for the train.
A train will usually comes by every 20 mins.
So, if you had missed one, you had to wait at about 20 mins or so.

 Papa is giving us some groovy dancing..
Way to go papa!!

 We did not stop at the Kangaroo and Emu enclosure, although I know papa wanted to pet some kangaroos.
It is all because of Farissa and hungry tummy.
She won't stop complaining.
So, we had to succumbed to her wants.

 At long last, we stopped by at one of the Cafes to have our brunch.
We already had breakfast at home and it seems that Farissa did not take her breakfast really well.
I've ordered some hot chocolates, scones & cream, cheese & spinach role, banana bread and fish & chips. They had kindly provided orange juice along with fish & chips meal.

 Ok! Kakak is now full!!
and happy if I may add..

 Here, in Malaysia, there is many2 cats in restaurants right?
There? Birds as big and annoying as cats praying on our food!

That is our adventure at Currumbin Wildlife..
Stay tune for more Day 3 Shopping Adventure..
Next.. :D

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