Gold Coast Australia: Sandcastles on the Broadwater Review

My previous post this and this has mentioned the place we are staying in GC! So here comes the review!

We arrived at the airport quite late in the evening. Its about 9.45pm before we even reached to our rented car. I feel really bad for the personnel that had to wait for us since 7.30pm. But car rental is another story. All of the airport shops are closed and more surprisingly the airport shuts down and closes too! My parents had to wait outside for the bus where it is 19 degrees! 

Anyway, for those who wants to know whether bringing brahims, baby formula milk is ok? Yes it is! This is speaking from my experience ya. I brought rice (packed ketupat), brahims in boxes, baby food, baby formula, sardines, maggi mee, canned tuna, cubes maggi, cukup rasa. All with no problem and questions from the customs. I did not even have to throw away the formula milk in the baby diaper bag (which is not canned nor sealed). The guy from customs merely mentioned "we can't deprived babies from what they want" :) Take some time and make a list with ingredients so that they can easily check it from there. Want a sample that I make? Send me an email ok. 

Got our car within minutes, and drive straight to our apartment which is 45 mins away from the airport but really near with theme parks. Here are some of the views.

  1. 15 mins away from major theme parks
  2. near a bus stop
  3. cheap (RM200 per room per nite)
  4. clean and fully equipped
  5. got a Jacuzzi
  6. interesting tv channels
  7. got gym, swimming pools
  8. personal parking for each unit and tight security at the basement
  1. people who hate stairs (they have plenty) - we find it still ok
  2. 2 levels for 2 bedrooms - if you have small kids it maybe somewhat troublesome
  3. no replenishment for soaps and clean towels
  4. need to throw rubbish and clean kitchen before check out or else there will be extra charges
  5. early check out (10am)

All buckled up at the back.
Children 7 and under should have a booster / car seat.
We got them without any charges from the car rental vendor.

Ahhhhh at long last. We arrived at 10.15pm Aussie time and 8.15pm Malaysia time.
Farissa saying some prayers before having our simple dinner..

This is the kitchen. Well equipped and clean.

We pre-buy breads and eggs from an online grocery stores and delivered to the apartment.

My brother's companions which stayed with us throughout.

We dragged the mattress on the floor as Ruzain could fall from the bed.
Our rooms is a whole lots of mess!

The next morning, we had bfast at Nenma's and Tok Ayah's apartment.
Nasi goreng and scrambled eggs for bfast..

Makan mmg macam pelahap..
Dah la sejuk pagi2.. tahap kebuluran mmg agak dasat..

Oh yes.. this is my bro Hakim @ Ude..
Had his meal at the veranda macam Mat Salleh *celup*..

Mr. Bob calmly feeding Ruzain.
He needs bfast too!

Beautiful outside view of the apartment.
Its walking distance from the beach.
Very beautiful indeed.

Ok I nak gosok tudung dulu hokay..
Sat lagik nak pi Movie World plak..

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