Gold Coast Australia: Movie World (Day 1)

The first day was super duper exciting. We finally got to enjoy Movie World! Yippie! The kids and I were dressed in our Movie World best. Pack our things and we are ready to go. We woke up early. Got ready early. Reached the theme park at 9.00am (30 mins) earlier than expected.

It is about 20 mins drive from our apartment at Labrador. The drive was smooth and the weather was actually really nice. 

Place: Movie World
Entrance: VIP Pass AUD 79.90 (combo seaworld and wet n wild) - Buy 3 free 1 promo
Halal Dining: Ricks Cafe (read disclaimer)
Snacks: Mineral water AUD 4, Ice Cream AUD 20

The car that we had rented was a Hyundai i30
Fitted with 1 booster and 1 baby car seat.
We were also able to squeeze lil bro Hazim at the back.

This is the first sight we saw. 
The green lantern roller coaster. *drool here*
Since it was early, they are doing some test runs for all coasters..

We parked right out front from the theme park.
Lots of time to pose in front of some of the signs.

Adorable bugs crossing sign here.
In OZ, passers by has a right of way here.

Yeah in front of the park!
Ruzain was having one of his naps before entering the theme park.

The sun was really bright.
Cool breeze today, so I ask the kids to pull out their jackets and were them.
Ruzain hated the hood!

This is the main street.
Everyday, Movie World will have a parade on this main street here at about 3pm.

Our first ride was the 4D Ice Age
In my opinion, the one in USS was so much better

Harry Potter Shop
If you crave weird sweets and stuff
Just from by here.

After we got out from our 4D ride
Papa gone missing!
So we had to go around the park ourselves
And guess who we'd found?



Then, we had a blast watching some stunts show.
Should not be missed ok.
Super fun, jammed packed with hot action.
The show will last about 30 mins and cars flying everywhere!


We had our lunch at Ricks American Cafe
They serve buffet style lunch and it was actually quite good
Its Italian day and we had some pastas and garlic bread
Soft drinks are charged separately
So total damaged for 2 adults and 1 kid = AUD 83

Alalala.. bukan slalu mama nak bermanja2 dgn papa.. Mula2 rasa hot gaks la sebab papa menghilangkan diri.. tp sebab mmg dah janji ngan semua makan kat sini maka terjumpalah papa semula.. hahahhaa.. sayang papa tau.. Farissa plak kene paksa habiskan pasta kalo nak makan ais krim tu yg muke berkerot2 tuh..


Then, we're off to Kids World
If you have small kids, this is where you should go!!

Road Runner Roller Coaster anyone?

Looney Toons Carousel
Ruzain can enjoy this as well!!


Farissa was even brave enough to enjoy the Scooby Doo Roller Coaster
A must ride if you are here!!

Seriously, one of the best rides here.

The Wild West Fall is here!!
There are only a few rides here.
But we did not go into any of it. 
We decided just to see if there is anything interesting. 
And take lots of great photos opportunities!

Yes, the surau in Movie World or prayer room is in this area.
If you are wondering.
My cowboy wondering off around.
Not many people here near the surau.
It is quiet and very pleasant.


 I asked Farissa to choose her souvenir from Movie World
and she falls in love with this Tweety Snow Globe

*now only in memories as Ruzain successfully smash the globe during one of this tantrum episode*

Nangis mak.. AUD 5 tuh!!!

Tired and thirsty. We stopped by Ben and Jerry's ice cream to get some comfort food!
Super nice and I had the Cookies and Cream Ice Cream..

Hey! I want one too pops!!

Yikes it is almost 3pm!
Time to wait for the Characters Parade!!
We got the best seat ever!! Right out front of Ben and Jerry's..
We definitely got some good spot..

Awwwww.. Classic look of Ruzain at awe with Tweety bird..

Yabadee yabadee.. that's all folks!!!!
Next Entry Seaworld, Surfer's Paradise, HRC, Beach Front Market..

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Iela Fazielah said…
semuanyer best giler.. bila nak rasa pergi....??? hihi...
Umi Aida said…
wahhh bestttnyee!
abg don sure ada plan tuh nak bawak anak bini dia jejalan.. :)
Aidashar Abdul said…
Woww bestnya! I pun nak pergi sana nanti :)