Farissa Handy Work - Cuppies!

Yup 3x.. At long last, I was able to keep my promise to Farissa - baking cupcakes and decorating them.. Farissa *as usual* was totally super excited to help and assist me in the kitchen.. To be frank, this is the very first time I used my overly huge mama's oven and the very first time using my FOC *which I receive during my LCD TV purchase couple years ago* electrical cake mixer. Better late than never I always say!

Mr. Bob had bought the 'princess decorating' kit in Cold Storage especially for his little girl..
She really goes all out designing her masterpiece..

Simple basic vanilla cupcakes..
Start with the simplest recipe..

Then, I topped the cuppies with some buttercream..
The colour was suppose to be purple.. but turns out lil more blue..
Lastly, we sprinkle with some fairy dust... hahahha

Some of her lil masterpieces..
good job girl!


ayahmamilisa said…
wah farissa berbakat in baking sama cam mommy ye alhamdulillah ikut foot steps :)hehe..
Liz said…
Wow, Farissa sure looks like she's having fun. I don't have the courage to do the same with Aiden yet. Takut habis comot satu rumah hehehe