Baked from the Heart

Hello bloggers,

My my.. alhamdullilah.. I had completed baking 60 pieces of cuppies!! yeay.. All because I promise to bring them to the office Raya Celebration.. To tell you the truth, this is the first time I baked in one large amount without even practicing.. *yikes*

My recipe? Well, just google basic vanilla and chocolate cupcakes recipes :) I got them from here and here. Go ahead and try them! Its too easy. :D

Completed ones.. Awaiting for frosting..

Some tips mentioned to ensure that the cuppies  are moist.. put them in the freezer..
hot from the oven,
right after from work..


ayahmamilisa said…
nak order bole tak? ngeh3..
Iela Fazielah said…
bestnyer.... farah.. teringin nak dtg rmh u... serius... agak2 sabtu ni free x.. nak beraya ni...nnt bg tau ea..
i buat suke2 bley la kot.. kalo order btul2.. eii tak terer lagik.. :P