Upholstery Journey for my Sofa

Quite an extensive journey for me and Mr. Bob.. It all started when we bought the new house... We brainstorm on the items to let go and to keep. Our sofa end up in our keep pile. :) Although the sofa is 7 years of age, the condition is very much like new. Yeah, there is a stain of two but I have two kids, it's expected.

At first, we thought of adding another sofa, something like an eight foot chesterfield. But our budget plus the space just couldn't allow for one. Anyway, a new sofa would cost us about RM3000 and so we made an executive decision just to reuse and reupholstered our old sofa. Now this would be a whole new ball game.

I never knew that even reupholstering your sofa could cost thousands. I was hit with the fact that if you have like a fitted sofa, it will cost more. Now, after googling, here are the 3 contenders based on reviews, portfolio and location (which is around klang valley area)..

Brother Lim Upholstery/Cushions

Check out their website here and FB here.
Final product looks great.
Price is on the higher side.

Dthukang Upholstery

Check out their contact here.
Final product also looks good.
Price is on the mid range to high side.

SZ Upholstery Enterprise

Check out their portfolio here.
Final product looks ok.
Price is the most affordable one compare to the other two above.
Plus, I've been to the physical workshop and did some fabrics hunting (which was ok but not a lot of choice).

Now, I'm sure you would like to know who did I go to and how much did I pay for the service.
Well, I definitely leaning towards the most affordable price as my budget was quite limited.
So, SZ Upholstery it is!!
I dealt with Ms. Hasmi and you may contact him @ this no. 010-7837565, and I will of course update all of you guys when my sofa arrives!! Hehe..

My 3+2 sofa cost RM1750 to redo and Farissa's bed cost RM400 to redo. Hope this helps!

Sofa pick up!!

Say goodbye sofa Ruzain... Bye2!


Iela Fazielah said…
nnt dah siap jgn lupa post tau..ila pun ada cadangan nak tukar design sofa... nak beli baru tp yg lama xrosak..cuma perlukan new look n design... :D
Insyallah Ilah.. dah siap dah.. tungggu hantar jer.. :) will share nanti k
Dyra Y said…
Dah berpengalaman lama dengan servis renew sofa.Macam2 tempat dah cuba.Setakat ni workmanship dthukang upholstery yang terbaik.Kilang diorang pun saya dah pernah pergi.Bersih,takde anjing atau kucing berkeliaran walaupun kilang besar.