Day 38 Renovation Progress.. Almost There!

Waaaaah such a long leave for my part!! Sorry guys, been very busy lately.. My work was so jam packed and I was so exhausted which I have no energy to update this blog. *Sooowwwy*

On the fun note, I have many many design story to share with you guuuuys.. *wink**wink* Stay tune okay. So, Legolas has just complete the renovation. *Clap here* He was definitely on time and delivered what was promised to me. However, let just say, Legolas and his troops were very messy and left the house with inch deep cement dust! Just have a look at the following photos.

Basically, our next step is to look into all the other installation that maybe needed like the air-conditioning, mirrors, kitchen cabinet, wardrobes, etc. We purchased some of them and decided to install before our plans to clean the house. Aaargh.. still so many things to do, so little time. GOD please give me strength.

Our minor renovation in the end cost us about RM 19, 000. This price is includes:

1. Wiring
2. Cornice (in every room)
3. Hacking
4. Planter Box
5. Tiling hacking and installation (not including tiles)
6. Installing lights/astro/fan
7. Painting the courtyard
8. Poly Roofing
9. Hood ducting and hacking
10. Plumbing for the kitchen peninsular

I would think it cost slightly higher than you get an Indonesian worker, however we want it done fast and professionally. All of the contractors and chinese's sifus. :) Will update on the workmanship after closer scrutinize.

Sink that is no longer in use... I have to think to sell to cash converters or something..

The master toilet full of cement!

Rooms that will be fixed with plaster cornice..

Proper ducting for the hood

Yeay! Freshly painted walls of silver and polycabonate roofing to cover the internal courtyard

Cement planter boxes

Aaaaaargh!! More mess.. Sobs..