Soft Furnishing and Spotlight Mines

Today is quite a special day as I plan to share with you guys on where you could shop for your soft furnishing in Selangor. :) If you are a huge fan of HGTV and FYI channels, you would surely wonder on where you could get all those yummilicious cushion covers and one of a kind design. Yeah you could definitely visit Nilai 3 for the best price, but I highly doubt you could find unique looking pillow cover design *Nilai 3 fans please don't get offended by this ya*..

On certain occasions that you would want to do a bit a splurging, why not visit Spotlight? Aside for it being famous for crafting tools, you could definitely find fabrics that your heart desires. Another thing that I like while shopping in Spotlight is that the sales assistant is highly approachable and they will assist you looking for that one special fabric.

Before you go, just make sure that you bring a something to relay your design concept. In my case, I will bring my room inspiration color scheme and the photos of furnitures that I had purchased much earlier. Then, I will walk around and try to see which fabric matches best. Remember, putting everything in your brain isn't always the best ideas. One of the fabrics I chose was a curtain fabric with eyelet, so I guess, the tailor could cut it out later. ;)

Another tip that you I could share with you is that, try and see which roll of fabric is much use to see if the design is actually likable. Go to the new fabric addition and don't be afraid to grab a couple and spread it out on the table. Only then, you will be able to see the full view of the colours, texture and pattern.

Grabbing some greys
Oh yes, you could find cheap cut out fabrics in the clearance bucket *not sure its a bucket but there is stack full of cut out wrap fabric* for a bargain price. I got my solid grey piece in that pile and it cost only a fraction than of those in the rolls.

Blue pattern fabric.. Kinda like a tribal design..

Black stripes *which in the end I did not buy* for fear there is too much pattern design!!

A little potential ID right next to me.. choosing fabrics along side her mom..

What the heck, since you are there.. Just grab a few of the special priced items.. I know I did..
Now, the last part is finding someone to sew your covers. If you have a personal tailor like I do, give them a call and ask for the price of sewing one. Mine was like RM10 for each *SCORE!*.. Spotlight also offers this service but theirs will cost you for about RM19 each. See, half the price. So, make your choice.

This old cushion covers are 7 years in age!

How I tagged each fabric and the sample cover for easy access by my tailor

This and this.. that and that

Stack them up and off they went.. Will update the final output... stay tune ya!


dorsett pink said…
saya pun selalu pergi spotlight mines
dorsett pink said…
awak, berapa semua total cost sppoing soft furnishing kat spotlight ni?
For the fabrics: RM 150.. upah jahit RM10 satu sarung.. total 14 sarung! Kalau boleh jahit sendiri dah jahit dah.. jimat.. :) Kain bes dan kualiti..